Push Turn Move, Kim Bjørn’s fascinating book on the concepts of electronic instruments got a makeover

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Push Turn Move, Kim Bjørn’s fascinating book on the concepts of electronics instruments from today and the past just got a makeover with 30 new instruments & more.

In hardware or software, making electronic music has never been so extensive. On your computer/tablet/phone or “DAWless” only with hardware devices. Synthesizers, drum machines, samplers … they exist in both worlds. The technologies that are used, regardless of synthesis, MPE …, also available in both.

In our musical world, which is heavily dominated by gear, our fascination with vintage and new things also plays a major role. We keep ourselves constantly informed about the latest instruments, technologies but also look back at the past. For example, at those days where Roland still had large analog polysynths….

Push Turn Move Update

Push Turn Move

Kim Bjørn published his book Push Turn Move, which is a kind of adventurous encyclopedia for electronic music gear, in 2017. His work makes a bridge between vintage and modern instruments that will shape the music of the coming years in a very pictorial and informative way. That with a lot of explanations about the concepts, interesting background information, developer talks…. and more. And all of this is exciting and instructive, accompanied by interviews with music producers.

We currently live in times when we can get all the information with just a few clicks. Everything has to be done quickly because nobody has any more time. Such a reference work for electronic instruments in book form is something special and refreshing to me. It doesn’t have a battery, doesn’t need internet … it’s a book you can leaf through and discover something new every time. You can immerse yourself in the fascinating world of electronic instruments without being online, it’s a relaxing change.

Such books have one disadvantage: time goes on, new instruments are constantly coming onto the market and techniques are also being further developed. This information can be added to the Internet in a very short time. It looks different for a book. Since the market has not stood still, Kim Bjørn, the writer, has decided to publish an updated version of his Push Turn Move book. These extra pages covers the music tech innovations of the last 4 years.

Push Turn Move Update

Push Turn Move Update

The new version features more than 30 new or updated instruments including dedicated pages for the Moog’s newer semi-modular synths, Make Noise Strega, ASM Hydrasynth, Mutable Instruments Beads, Modal Electronics COBALT8 & Modal apps, VCV Rack, and more.

Plus, it comes with a new interview with the founder of Artiphon and their latest release Artiphon Orba.

Push Turn Move Update

Not only products change but also people and companies, so therefore, Kim also updated all these information in thew new Push Turn Move as well. Also, tech advancements like augmented reality and polyphonic aftertouch are up-to-date. Plus, the book now has more crisp and colorful image thanks to improved printing techniques. Unfortunately there is no update for all owners of the first version. It would be nice to get these extra pages. An update in form of a booklet would certainly be nice.

I am very happy that the Push Turn Move got a makeover. For me it is a must-have for every Synthesizer enthusiast. Especially for everyone who likes to dive into their hobby without being in the stress of the online world.

The updated version of Push Turn Move is available now for 59€. Be careful that your trusted dealer doesn’t sell you the old version. The new one should be available everywhere soon and has a sticker on it.

More information here: Bjooks 

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