SUPERBOOTH 2018 Preview: Teased BLCK_NOIR – The Company’s First Module With A Black Faceplate

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Next week, it’s time for this year’s SuperBooth. Many manufacturers will introduce new products on the floors. Also, the module manufacturer from Barcelona. After the complete Shuttle system it had calmed down but now they seem to have something new for the SuperBooth.

It is called BLCK_NOIR and is the first module with a black faceplate from the company. Previously, the company was known for its shrill golden design. There are no information available what kind of module it is.

What Has To Say About BLCK_NOIR

We are very excited to present our new module at Superbooth’18, the first one with a black panel – BLCK_NOIR. It’s black, it’s loud, it’s dark. Fits all music styles – specifically tuned for Darkwave and Techno. Visit us at booth O115 on 3rd…5th of May 2018 at FEZ Berlin


It’s hard to say what this module can do. Since you know that the Shuttle is completed as a complete system, you can only think that they start again up front. So theoretically there could be a west-coast synth voice where you have a Furthrrrr Generator style oscillator with interesting envelopes or even a filter (Grand Terminal). Or it will be something completely different. I’m pretty sure the company will announce unique and very useful.

In the meantime, check out the video teaser from the company that just went online

More information here: 

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