Music Thing Modular Mini Drive, A Moog Inspired 4HP Overdrive For Your Rack

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Music Thing Modular Mini Drive is a straightforward vintage-looking overdrive module (4HP) that is inspired by early Moog synthesizers. 

Whether hardware or software, there are developers everywhere who would like to share their developments with others. Open source is valued and loved by many. In the Eurorack area, there are two well-known developers who have shaped the open-source idea very much. This is Emilie Gillet from Mutable Instruments on the one hand, but also Tom Whitwell from Music Thing Modular from the UK.

Among other things, Tom developed the Turing Machine, a random looping sequencer with many creative functions. Now he’s back with a new module, the Mini Drive. It’s a lovely, dead-simple overdrive for your rack.

Music Thing Modular Mini Drive

Music Thing Modular Mini Drive

Mini Drive is an overdrive module that is inspired by the classic drive circuits found in early Moog synthesizers. It’s super straightforward and takes up very little rack space with just 4HP. It features manual input gain,

It features manual input gain, high and low gain inputs, as well as two identical outputs. The latter allows you to patch feedback signals or to process audio in parallel. There is also a vintage-looking lamp that protrudes from the module. A small light show is therefore included.

Like all other Tom Whitwell modules, this is a DIY project. And yes open-source as well.  According to Quincas or better known as the Synth DIY Guy, the module is very easy to build and is perfect as an entry-level drug into the DIY Eurorack world. If you’re looking for an affordable, good-sounding overdrive, this could be your module.


Music Thing Modular Mini Drive will be available as a full DIY kit for £39.00 (excl. VAT). Orders open May 7th, 2021 on Thonk.  

More information here: Music Thing Modular  Thonk 

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