Arturia Keystep Pro 2.0 Firmware Update, Arpeggios In Sequences & More

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The new Arturia Keystep Pro 2.0 firmware update introduces new features (arpeggios in sequences…), improves the workflow, and fix unwanted bugs.

The Keystep is one of the most popular sequencers in music production. Small, practical, many features, and very affordable. No wonder that other companies want to benefit from this cake too. With the Keystep Pro, Arturia showed a hardware sequencer that is based on this best-seller controller but expanded with many new features.

The Pro stands for more: more tracks (4 independent polyphonic sequencer tracks, 24-part drum sequencer…), more features, more control options, … Firmware 2.0 is now available as a free update for all Keystep Pro users that improves the controller in my areas. Many of these new functions come from feature requests from musicians who use the device on a daily basis.

Arturia Keystep Pro 2.0

Arturia Keystep Pro 2.0 Firmware Update

The new firmware 2.0 has many interesting new features that we have been waiting for a long time. The sequencer now supports arpeggios as data. This means sequences can now have not only notes/chords but also arpeggios lines.  You can also add swing to arpeggiator using shift or create/play arpeggios while the Keystep Pro isn’t playing. Nice, the sequencer now supports chords from the chord mode what is a neat new functionality. Also new is a step listen feature. Here you can trigger sequence steps without playing a sequencer. This allows you to preview your notes.

Then Keystep Pro 2.0 introduces global transpose. The days of transposing tracks one by one are over. You can now transpose multiple melodic tracks at the same time what is a very handy add-on. The new firmware also brings global value offset. You can now apply a relative offset for any of the 5 main controls for every step across the selected track pattern. The sequencer mono mode got a makeover for a smoother experience and the MIDI Out 2 on the backside now offers a thru mode.

Those are the highlights, but there are many more new features that we can welcome in the Keystep Pro firmware 2.0

  • Looper Touch Strip on/off
  • Sustain pedal & Hold are now taken in account when recording in real-time.
  • copy/paste steps and pages across different patterns and tracks
  • Nudge, Invert and Rand Order functions can now be applied to Control Track
  • and more.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

In addition to numerous new features, there are also many small improvements and bug fixes that further improve the entire workflow. Here are some highlights:

  • Various synchronization improvements
  • Chord mode: It is now possible to release Shift + Tie/Rest and keep editing the chord until all keys are released
  • Quick Edit: It is now possible to release the step and keep editing until all keys are released
  • Arp improvements:  velocity knob can now increase and decrease the arpeggio velocity, randomness range improvement, new warning popup when reaching the maximum number of notes

For all detailed improvements, please check the changelog on the Arturia website.

A nice update for the Keystep Pro that makes many new things possible. What’s your favorite new feature? Unfortunately, there is still no ratcheting for the sequencer which is a shame.

Arturia Keystep Pro 2.0 firmware update is available as a free download. Keystep Pro controller is out now for 359€/$499 USD

More information here: Arturia

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