Love Hultén MDLR-37, Beautiful Folding Modular Synthesizer

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Love Hultén MDLR-37, two popular Korg synths, a Meris ENZO pedal & two Eurorack modules meet in a Synthesizer modification.

Synthesizers can be programmed, played, developed,… There are also musicians who create new instruments from familiar instruments. One of those who perfected this work down to the last detail is the artist Love Hultén. In the recent past, he has built beautiful mods from well-known, best-selling synthesizers, all of which are real eye-catchers.

A highlight for me are the small, cute Bivalvia Synthesizers that I reported on in 2019. They use the famous Axoloti modular board. His latest mod is much larger and more extensive.

Love Hultén MDLR-37

Love Hultén MDLR-37

The MDLR-37 is a modular Synthesizer which consists of four different sections. The sound sources are two Korg synthesizers, an analog and an older, classy digital one. More preciely, it includes the Korg minilogue and Korg microKey 37. Then, it hosts a Meris ENZO pedal which is again a digital Synthesizer but in pedal form.

On the effects side, it features the T-Rex Replicator analog tape echo and the Doepfer A-199 spring reverb Eurorack modules including a real spring.


The designer has created a beautiful foldable wood case for it where the individual instruments fit precisely. The upper part of the case is most likely a Eurorack case where he installed the two modules + the spring for the reverb. Speakers and a waveform display are also built-in.

The instrument is easily foldable and thus you can stow it away quickly to save space. But honestly, who wants to stow this “modular” Synthesizer, it is an eye-catcher for every studio or even for the living room. However, it is not a complete modular Synthesizer. The sound engine is too inflexible for that and there are only a few patch points available.

The Love Hultén MDLR-37 is again a very lovely mod.

More information here: Love Hultén 

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