Jörg Schaaf (Radikal Technologies) Releases The Vigil Tapes 2021 On Bandcamp

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Jörg Schaaf (Radikal Technologies) took part in this year’s digital edition of the Vigil sound festival, the music contribution is now available on YouTube and on Bandcamp

Radikal Technologies is a German Synthesizer company that stands for quality. All of their releases score with their very own concepts and big sound quality. For example, the DELTA CEP A is a very unique, beefy-sounding digital Synthesizer which on the one hand has all the advantages of a Eurorack-compatible semi-modular synth but at the same time can also save presets.

The head of these concepts is Jörg Schaaf, chief developer of Radikal Technologies. Why many do not know, he is also a talented musician. For example, he played with Klaus Schulze on international stages for a very long time. Over the last weekend, Jörg Schaaf has published a new release on Bandcamp named The Vigil Tapes 2021.

Jörg Schaaf The Vigil Tapes

The Vigil Tapes 2021

The Vigil is an annual two-day music and sound festival presented by the Sound Art + Interactive Arts programs at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Now in its 11th year, The Vigil brings together MICA Sound Art students, regional musicians, and, for the first time this year, artists from around the globe.

The new release features music from the 2021 MICA Sound & Music festival

  1. Nobody is safe (05:52)
  2. Retreat (01:04)
  3. Intersection (02:00)
  4. Covid19 Session 1 (07:26)
  5. Resumption (03:46)
  6. Bonus Covid19 Session 2  (04:59)

Jörg Schaaf The Vigil tapes 2021 release is available now on Bandcamp.

More information here: Bandcamp

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