Unfiltered Audio Silo, Advanced Granular Reverb With 3D Sound Processing

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Unfiltered Audio Silo plugin splits your audio into tiny snippets, adds reverb on top, and thus creates moving textures that are fully controllable in a 3D space. 

I love experimental plugins that open up new possibilities. I love plugins from Glitchmachines, Inear Display, or even Unfiltered Audio who are at home at Plugin Alliance. The latter has released plugins such as the super versatile Triad Multi-FX plugin or Lion Synthesizer that introduced many special synthesis options.

Unfiltered Audio has today expanded its portfolio of experimental sound design-focused plugins with Silo.

Unfiltered Audio Silo

Unfiltered Audio Silo

Silo is a new granular reverb with advanced sound processing functionalities. The heart of Silo is based on four sections where the signal is carried: granulator, spatializer, reverb & output. The granulator section breaks up the incoming sounds into short audio snippets of audio aka grains. You can adjust the size, shape, speed, pitch, and spread of the grains. It also allows you to reverse them and them separately using automated rules to create unit reverb effects. The granulator section also includes buffer size settings and a mask functionality.

It gets more exciting in the Spatializer where the grains can be set in 3D motion with the help of various algorithms (Comets, Moons, Meteors, Stars & Shimmer). Once activated, you will hear your sounds swirling around you with depth, intrigue, and specialization. It’s like a multi-dimensional auto panner for grains. Then, you have a reverb section with different tons, mixing settings, level control, and filters. Further, you have an output section with a compressor and a dry/wet section.

A nice add-on is the ability to turn on/off the individual section. So you can use the granulator, spatializer, and reverb separately. Silo ships with a library of presets from professional mixers and sound designers like Richard Devine.

First Look

Granular reverbs can always inspire me, as they enrich the reverb game with new facets.  This is also the case with Silo. Above all, the ability to move grains in 3D space could be very tempting.

Unfiltered Audio Silo is available now for an introductory price of $129.99 USD (regular $179 USD). Newsletter subscribers can purchase it for $99.99 with the voucher code SILO-INTRO-9999. If you have already products from Unfiltered Audio, dearVR plugin, Brainworks bx_oberhausen… can get it for just $79,99 USD. The plugin is also part of the Mega, Mix & Master, and Unfiltered Audio subscription plans starting at $7,99 per month.

Silo runs as a VST, VST3, AU & AAX plugin on macOS and Windows.

More information here: Unfiltered Audio

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  1. Wow! this is an awesome plugin. great textures, rhythms and all out craziness if you crank it up. BTW.. on top of the current discount if you own various PA products -you can also use the €25 voucher recently received by email. Bargain !

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