iZotope Community Appreciation Bundle With 11 Plugins For $49

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The iZotope Community Appreciation Bundle features 11 high-quality plugins including Stutter Edit 2, Iris 2, reverbs & more for just $49.

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iZotope has today introduced the Community Appreciation Bundle, a bundle with 11 high-quality audio plugins for just $49 USD. That’s 4,45€/$ per plugin, which is very little. The offer is only available for a limited time and you get a lot in this bundle.

Izotope Community Appreciation Bundle

iZotope Community Appreciation Bundle

The bundle consists of 11 high-quality audio plugins from all areas. From virtual instruments, versatile effects, intelligent go-to tools for mixing and mastering as well as simple audio repair tools.


Iris 2 is a sample-based spectral Synthesizer that combines the power of a sampler and spectral filtering. Spectral painting can be used to create new instruments from any sample. Especially exciting with field recordings. The plugin ships with a sample library of 11GB and hundreds of professionally crafted presets including basses, keys, lads, pads, and more.

BreakTweaker, developed in collaboration with BT, is a super flexible drum machine based on synthesis and samples. Unlike other drum machines on the market, BT goes many steps further. Here the user can apply granular/spectral effects on individual steps, add glitching, and more. An experimental drum machine with endless options.


Trash 2 is a characterful, versatile distortion plugin with over 60 unique distortion/shaping algorithms. The plugin allows you to design your own unique distortions, from massive to mild and everything in between, with the fully customizable multiband waveshaper. For additional timbres, it offers a convolve module where you can choose from over 100 impulse responses. It also gives you to load your own. Trash 2 is not a brand-new plugin, but one that is used by many producers.

Then, the bundle also includes some plugins from the recently purchased company Exponential Audio, which is known for its excellent reverbs. It includes the PhoenixVerb Stereo and as well as the R2 Stereo, two high-quality reverb plugins. Plus you get the multi-effect processor Excalibur with multiple effect algorithms that can be combined with modulation, pitch-shifting, and more.

My highlight of this bundle is the recently released Stutter Edit 2 plugin made in collaboration with BT. It’s an effect plugin with you can create the famous stutter/glitching effects with one button. In version 2, they expanded the concept with a new curve editor that lets you create fully customizable movements. SE2 is very helpful if you want to set your sounds in motion or simply want to add glitching / stuttering effects. This plugin is worth the price of 49 € / $ alone, to me.

Audio Repair, Mix & Mastering

Further, there are also some mixing and mastering plugins included. Not the full version of their well-known tools, but the iZotope Elements Suite. It includes:

  • Ozone Elements features essential tools for mastering and is a great starting point for your mastering adventures.
  • Neutron Elements includes four easy-to-use tools for mixing your tracks
  • Nectar Elements comes with the new vocal assistant, that analyzes and adapted the parameters to your vocal sounds. It adds clarity and polish to your vocals.
  • RX Elements is the perfect introduction to the world of audio repair. It gives intuitive tools to remove noise, clipping, clicks, hum, and other problems in dialogue and music productions.

iZotope Community Appreciation Bundle with 11 plugins is available now for $49 USD until June 30, 2021. If you buy at Plugin Boutique, you get on top Audio Damage Dubstation 2 or Cableguys DriveShaper for free through the month of May 2021. Plus, you support with your purchase the Synth Anatomy activity, big thanks in advance.

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  1. I already use most of Izotope‘s products and recommend them. I would like to get Stutter Edit 2 (if someone is interested in the bundle and already got Stutter), but I don’t think, that iZotop support license transfer does it?

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