Cosmotronic Vortex, Complex Oscillator With Wild Shaping Options

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Cosmotronic Vortex is a new all-analog complex oscillator with wild shaping options including different flavors of wavefolders, FM, phase mod & more. 

In the Euroack world, a distinction is made between analog and digital oscillators. There are exciting concepts in both worlds. So-called complex oscillators, in which waveforms can be bent wildly, are among the most exciting generators to me. With Oberhausen, Stefan from ST-Modular already showed us a very exciting DIY complex oscillator this year.

Now the young Dutch company Cosmotronic is also entering the complex Oscillator business with Vortex.

Cosmotronic Vortex

Cosmotronic Vortex

Vortex is an all-analog thru zero complex oscillator with two independent VCOs. VCO 1 (left side) morphs between triangle and saw, and VCO 2 (right side) from sine to tri to saw using the shape function. Separate outputs are available for the waveforms. Each oscillator also has deeper shapers.

VCO 1 comes with a sinusoidal wavefolder based on the modified version of a design by Barrie Gilbert from 1977, and later popularized by Open-Music Labs. This changes its responses based on the giving waveform shape. The same circuit also offers thru zero phase modulation with a CV-controllable depth slider. The source is normaled to VCO 2 but you can route an external modulation source to it

VCO 2, on the other side, offers thru zero amplitude modulation (ring mod) via a CV controllable depth slider. The source path is either normalized to VCO 1 or can be broken with an external signal. The result is also available on a separate output, pre wavefolder/filter (VCO 2 sine). VCO 2 also has a wavefolder but a different one, one that is more unique and aggressive than the sinusoidal folder in VCO 1. It is based around a novel wavefolding topology says Cosmotronic.

Cosmotronic Vortex

Filtering & FM

There is also a lowpass filter on each oscillator side that gives you the option to remove overtones from harsher tonnes. Great for more mellow, gentle sounds. In the middle, you have the FM bus represented by the FM index knobs and different ins and outs. The FM bus modulates the index of each individual voice, with linear and exponential signals for external sources.

Plus, you have a sync option with both soft and hard sync. The developers promise great tracking and temperature stability with no distinction between a carrier and a modulator.

A beautifully designed new complex oscillator that we can look forward to. It offers many classic but also new ways of bending waveforms. I really like the interface that is very simple and not cluttered with unnecessary symbols and letters.

Cosmotronic Vortex will be available soon. Price TBA.

More information here: Cosmotronic

Cosmotronic modules are available at our partners

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