SonicProjects Stringer 3.0, Virtual String Machine From The OP-X Pro-II Developers

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SonicProjects Stringer 3.0, a new virtual string machine plugin (macOS/Win) with sounds from three iconic vintage string synthesizers.

Among the many plugin manufacturers, there are some pearls that only insiders know. They do not run YouTube spots or other marketing campaigns like ads or video productions by content creators. One of them is SonicProjects from Switzerland who offers a gorgeous sounding Oberheim OB-X emulation named OP-X Pro II. If you don’t know them, be sure to test them out.

Now the developers from SonicProjects are back with a new plugin. More precisely their string machine plugin Stringer just got a long-awaited 3.0 update.

Sonicprojects Stringer 3.0

Sonicprojects Stringer 3.0

Stringer 3.0 is a virtual string machine that is based on sampled sound content. It includes sample sets from three iconic string machines from the past: Logan String Melody II, ARP Omni 2, and Welson Symphony. The developers sampled every key of the original instrument at full 24Bit/44.1kHz depth using high-end Apogee converters. A lot of time went into the perfect restoration and looping of the total 241 samples says the developers.

The sample content is built into a very simple, less catchy interface with a patch browser that uses a proprietary patch format. Stringer 3.0 has two layers with a split option. You can assign one sound to each layer via the retro-style buttons. Then, each layer has an AR envelope. An interesting addition in version 3.0 is the pure mode aka “all-buttons-off” mode that relies on a saw generator. Once combined with the ensemble and modulation effects, you can craft your own string ensemble sounds from scratch. It ships with 98 presets where 54 new presets use the new feature set.

Existing customers will be particularly pleased about the 64-bit support on Mac and Windows.

I am very happy to see that Stringer is back. With strong competitors like the G-Force Software VSM 3 with significantly more built-in string machines, which was recently offered for less than 40 €, I have my concerns about whether Stringer will become a big seller. Nonetheless, the developers have shown what they can do with the lovely OP-X Pro II Synthesizer, I think this plugin also has its strengths.

SonicProjects Stringer 3.0 is available now for $55 USD instead of $69 USD. For existing customers of Stringer 2.0 the update is free of charge. It’s a serial-only registration, no account or iLok needed.

More information here: SonicProjects

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