Marvel Studios’ Loki Face To Face With A Korg Volca Keys In The New Trailer

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In the new Marvel Studios’ Loki trailer, Loki sits in front of his greatest enemy, the Korg Volca Keys monophonic Synthesizer.

Marvel Studios recently released some new trailers for new series and movies. One of the highlights is Loki, a series from the Thor world.

Many synthesizer players will probably laugh at a scene from the latest trailer.

Marvel Loki Korg Volca

Marvel Studio’s Loki

If you scroll to scene 0:33 of the trailer you can see Loki sitting in front of a desk where you can clearly see a Korg Volca Keys. What do the Loki producers want to tell us? Is the Volca Keys the ultimate weapon with which you can destroy Loki. Maybe we will see in the next Marvel Studio’s Thor movie Thor with a Volca Keys? Or will he or the other person play us a track on it. Who knows. As a reminder: the Korg Volca Keys is a battery-powered, monophonic analog Synthesizer with a built-in sequencer.

One thing is clear: Marvel Studios provides us with a wonderful material for the Synth Memes Facebook group.


Loki’s time has come. The Marvel Studios Original Series “Loki” including the Korg Volca starts streaming June 11, on Disney+.

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