VC LFO, Wavetable LFO With Rich Waveforms & Lots Of CV Functionality

SYNTH ANATOMY uses affiliation & partner programs (big red buttons) to finance a part of the activity. If you use these, you support the website. Thanks! from Berlin is showing VC LFO, its first module, a feature-rich wavetable LFO with 16 waveshaping waveforms & tons of CV functionality. 

Berlin is calling, the capital of Germany has another young Eurorack manufacturer. recently made its debut with its first neat module.

VC LFO is a deep wavetable LFO oscillator with a colorful selection of waveforms and lots of CV functionality. VC LFO

Thorn.Audio VC LFO

The module comes in a bi-colored faceplate and there are also Befaco Bananuts that serve as a color-coding system (red for outs…). Black or silver faceplate? No choice, the manufacturer takes away the decision and offers both on one faceplate. Visually a real eye-catcher in my opinion. The features are also impressive.

VC LFO is a fully controllable, externally syncable wavetable LFO with built-in VCA and sample & hold. The core is based on the Electro Duid LFO chip that gives you 16 different waveforms in two banks of eight, including random wave and noise sources. They have four frequency ranges by octaves from 0.05Hz to 102.4Hz. VC LFO

These can be hard synced and further shaped with the waveform distortion functionality. Thus you can create many other waveforms besides the 16 built-in waves. You can also add a sample & hold generator to the LFO or modulate it with the amplitude giving a wide range of signals.

Lots Of CV Functionality

The strength of the VC LFO is not primarily in the numerous waveforms but in its control voltage flexibility. Hence all features are individually broken out to CV inputs, making the digital core completely analog controllable. It has 9 CV inputs including over the waveform selection, alternative waveform, sync, s&h, and more. Where other LFOs save, the VC LFO has everything you could want. Further, you have three outputs (gate, inverted, & main output). Handy, the module gives you visual feedback on all incoming CV signals.

The module’s core processor is socketed, so using a simple PIC programmer. With some basic assembly knowledge, you can modify its functionality by reprogramming it. At first glance a lovely LFO module that came into my focus not only because of its beautiful front panel design. For an LFO it offers an extremely large feature set. At 12HP it’s a bit big, unfortunately. VC LFO is available now for 198€.

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