Steinberg Puts An End To Its E-Licenser Dongle Registration System

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Steinberg will put an end to the E-Licenser dongle in the near future and is working on a new hassle-free, dongle-free system. 

Cubase is one of the most popular DAWs. The music software from the Hamburg company Steinberg has a long history. This began in 1989 with Cubase 1.0 on the Atari system. With Cubase 11 Pro, the developers released the latest version of their digital audio workstation last year, which represents a quantum leap compared to Cubase 1.0. While it is very popular, there is one problem that has prevented many musicians from using Cubase.

It’s his unfavorable registration system based on the E-Licenser technology that works with a USB dongle. This is proven by numerous complaints from Cubase users in forums, groups, etc. From loose to broken sticks, inflexible workflows between studios up to unnecessary USB port wastage of which you already have too little.

Steinberg E-Licenser

Steinberg will soon put an end to the E-Licenser dongle drama. As the company announced, they are working on a new simplified registration system. The developers set the focus on an anti-piracy protection technology that doesn’t restrict the customers but your investment.

Official Steinberg Release

For many of you this is the announcement you have been waiting for for a long time. While we put our heart and soul into developing ground-breaking products in your best interests, we haven’t accomplished our promise to provide you with the user experience you deserve in every part of Steinberg’s technologies in recent time.

We have been listening to your feedback for years, but big changes need time and we had to carefully lay out our vision for the future. But now the time has come to put our approach to license management at the center of our attention. We have decided to adopt a new license management technology that everyone will benefit from to prepare for coming requirements.

An authorization system shouldn’t get in your way, but support you in the onboarding process. Anti-piracy protection technology shouldn’t restrict you as the customer, but secure your investment. A license management shouldn’t stop you from using your products, but enable you to be creative, whenever and wherever you are.

At this point in time, all we can tell you is that everyone at Steinberg is strongly committed to providing you as soon as possible with a solution that offers more flexibility, more reliability and, of course, a seamless migration.

It’s too early to announce details on the schedule or the new environment, but one thing is for sure: The future will be dongle-free. #dongle #donglefree #eLicenser #usbeLicenser

What this system will look like and when Steinberg will publish it is not known. It’s a positive step and good to see that they are separating from their problematic appendage.

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