NI Offers NKS Gifts With Every KOMPLETE 13 Purchase & Limited Time Crossgrades

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For a limited time, every KOMPLETE 13 purchase (full, updates, upgrades & crossgrades) includes up to 3 NKS gifts plus NI opens up limited time crossgrades. 

Native Instruments recently started the first-ever sale on KOMPLETE 13. Wait, there is no 50% OFF discounts like during the traditional Summer and Black Friday sales. No, but with every KOMPLETE purchase, NI adds free NKS products from other third-party developers.

These NKS gifts do not come from anyone unknown. Soniccouture, Output, and Sonokinectic all well-known manufacturers who take part in this promotion. The promotion is very easy. The higher the version you purchase the more NKS gifts you get for free. Plus you can crossgrade limited for a limited time to K13 from previously, unqualified products.

NI Komplete 13 NKS

NI NKS Gifts

Native Instruments gives free NKS gifts with every KOMPLETE 13 purchase.

  • KOMPLETE 13 with 52 instruments, 16 effects, and 24 expansion plus Soniccouture Moonkits drum library for free
  • K13 Ultimate with 92 instruments, 26 effects, and 39 expansions plus Soniccouture Moonkits and Output Analog Strings for free
  • K13 Collector’s Edition with 96 instruments, 26 effects, and 73 expansions plus Soniccouture Moonkits, Output Analog Strings and Sonokinectic Indie for free.

These NKS gifts are also available for users updating, upgrading, or crossgrading to KOMPLETE 13.

Limited Time Crossgrades

So far, you could only crossgrade from flagship products such as Kontakt, hardware products…to KOMPLETE bundle. However, NI has expanded the crossgrades for a limited time and offers crossgrades from more qualified titles including Absynth, Massive, Massive X, FM8, and others. Plus, you get the NI gifts on top.

  • Abbey Road Drummer Collection, Absynth (1-5), Action Strikes, Action Strings, Arkhis, Battery (1-4), Damage, Definitive Piano Collection, Discovery Series – Collection, Emotive Strings, Evolve R2, FM8, Guitar Rig Pro (1-6), Mallet Flux, Massive, Massive X, Mysteria, Pharlight, Reaktor (1-6)
  • Session Horns Pro, Strings Pro, Strings Pro 2, Straylight, Symphony Essentials Brass Collection, String Ensemble, Woodwind Collection, Symphony Series Brass Collection, Percussion, String Ensemble, Woodwind Collection, Thrill

An interesting deal for those interested in KOMPLETE 13. Especially those who only have individual NI titles and otherwise couldn’t crossgrade. The deal is certainly not as attractive as the well-known Summer or Black Friday offers but still more attractive than normal to buy the bundles

The Native Instruments KOMPLETE 13 NKS special offer is valid from March 16, 2021, until April 6, 2021, at the NI Online Shop.

More information here: Native Instruments

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