Faded Instruments Litbit, Organic Sounding Bit-Crusher Plugin

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Faded Instruments Litbit is a fluid and organically digital sounding bit-crusher plugin that creates harmonic-rich breathing lo-fi textures. 

I have a big heart for experimental, crazy plugins that can catapulate sounds into new sonic worlds. Often developers offer the same idea over and over again. There are also designers who dare to break new ground. Glitchmachines, Inear Display … to name a few. A relatively unknown company in this area is Faded Instruments, which has released some very crazy plugins in the recent past.

Litbit is the name of the new release and is a bit-crusher plugin that does a lot differently.

Faded Instruments Litbit

Faded Instruments Litbit

Litbit is a classic bit-crusher effect with bit-rate and sample rate reduction. But it has a special twist. According to the developer, it has a fluid and organically digital sound. This is possible thanks to Litbit’s secret power the breathe knobs which work like envelope followers. Once activated, the bit and/or sample rate reduction follow the audio input. What results is a smooth and dynamic bit crushing effect that breathes along with your audio. It gives you more musical and lively sounds.

The breathing function doesn’t need to follow its own audio. It also has a side-chain function to any other audio track great for complex gestures, musical rhythmics, or pulsating crushing effects that dynamically interact with other instruments. That’s not all of the special twists. The crinkle knob, available for both effects, is a jitter or randomize function, and it adds a bit of noisy chaos to the bit/sample rate reduction. You can control it with the speed knob and can be set to mono or stereo. At low speed, you can add interesting stereo sparkle to your sound.

The additional stereo noise knob (pre-effect) and DC offset give you an extra dose of noise if desired. Further, you have a classic lowpass/highpass DJ filter and a saturator that will help you lift the sound and blow it out of your speakers. All of this is graphically displayed on a lissajous display.

A lovely variant of a bit crusher effect with a refreshing feature set and a crazy plugin interface. What is left for me to say now: time to make noise.

Faded Instruments Litbit is available now for $14.20 USD and runs as a VST on Windows & an AU on macOS. No mac VST at this point.

More information here: Faded Instruments

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