Analogue Solutions Intros Leipzig v3, Patchable Mono Analog Synthesizer

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Analogue Solutions the Leipzig v3, a patchable monophonic Synthesizer with a clever design, lots of character, and an analog soul.

It’s quiet in the Synthesizer world, too quiet in my opinion. No Behringer announcements, no mega teaser from one of the big players. Everything is very quiet but probably many are diligently developing new instruments in their little rooms

One who dares to take this step out of the calm is Analogue Solutions. Tom Carpenter, head of Analog Solutions has something new in the pipeline. The picture that I have received is still a bit blurred, but you can see what it will be. It’s a successor of the best-known Leipzig-S v2 monophonic analog Synthesizer that is loved by many to this day due to its clever but minimal design.

Analogue Solutions teaser

Analogue Solutions Leipzig v3

What the Leipzig V3 contains in terms of new features is not yet known. But it will probably include many from the predecessor.

Update: Analogue Solutions officially announced the Leipzig v3 today. Availability in April 2021. The Leipzig features the same footprint as the Impulse Command desktop Synthesizer while capturing the same raw, ballsy, complexly rich sound as its Leipzig predecessors.

Analogue Solutions Leipzig v3

Leipzig v3 has everything you know from its predecessors Leipzig-SK and Leipzig v2 plus patch points for additional sound design possibilities. 2 VCOs with glide & sub-VCO, OSC sync & cross-mod, Moog-style transistor ladder filter, analog 16 step note sequencer & more.


Article From March 17, 2021

Leipzig-S v2

The Analogue Solutions Leipzig-S from 2013 is a powerful, beginner-friendly 2-oscillator analog Synthesizer. It sports two stable analog oscillators with individual glide control & PWM that let you create punchy and rich sounds. Oscillator sync and cross-modulation give you enough space for crazy sounds. Plus independent glide controls for each oscillator and PWM controls for the square waves

Leipzig’s mixer section is somewhat special because it doesn’t control the volume like in a classic synth, but it mixes the waveforms. It allows you to blend OSC1 and OSC2’s saw and square waves, push hard into the VCA/filter for saturated sounds, and even add a sub-oscillator. Next to this, it features a 24dB lowpass ladder filter with resonance control that sounds buttery smooth.

Analogue Solutions Leipzig v2

Modulation & Seqencing

Leipzig-S (v2) has two snappy ADSR envelopes with the option to activate/deactivate the MIDI trigger for each. Although it’s MIDI playability, it also boasts a built-in analog 8 step sequencer with plenty of clock options for a more old-school workflow. With this, you can create classic analog basses/leads or crisp percussive sounds.

The combination of deep modulations and the sequencer brings a smile to the face of every analog percussive sound friend. Big kick drums, snares, and hi-hats, Leipzig-S (v3) is capable of a wide range of percussive tones.

How much of it ends up in the new Leipzig v3 is not yet known. But I think a lot, if not everything. I would be happy about more oscillator options or about a simple LFO that was missing in Leipzig so far. Looking forward to seeing the new version of the Leipzig Synthesizer. The second version was an extremely beautiful, fat synth with a lot of character.

Analogue Solutions Leipzig v3 will be available in mid-April 2021 for 1179€.

More information here: Analogue Solutions 

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  1. My Leipzig 2 is already one year broken because of a VCO running crazy, but there are no AS service points, and the company doesn’t supply support or service manuals, so beware of purchasing AS.

    • Analog Solutions has distributions, I know in Germany/Austria it’s Sonic Sales and I’m pretty sure also in your country. Better contacting them and see what they can do

  2. Had to same issue with a broken vco in Leipzig SK
    Tom is a nice guy. But when it comes to servicing & manuals he’s quite..meh.

    Luckily i had warranty left and got re-imbursed and returned it.

    I love the AS synths but they are prone to break…

    • No problems with my Fusebox or Impulse Command… Maybe Leipzig had some issues, but I’ve had zero with what I have bought.

  3. Love my two AS synths and they have been super reliable and the best sounding of anything I have. If this Leipzig is released soon, I’m snatching it up. Great news!

  4. I’m not sure I’d call it quiet. Seems like quite a bit came out at and around the virtual NAMM event. Wouldn’t this normally be a quiet time until Superbooth?

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