Hungry Robot Pedals Modular Boxes Look Like Guitar Pedals But Works Like A Eurorack System!

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Hungry Robot Pedals ventures into the modular world and fuses concepts of pedals and Eurorack  in a new tabletop Synthesizer lineup named Hungry Robot Modular.

Guitar pedals and Eurorack modules have one thing in common: they are addictive and one would rather own them all. Reminds me on my childhood with the Pokemons: catch them all! Now a company dares to merge both ideas. Hungry Robot Pedals, a pedal developer from US released 13 modular Synthesizer boxes. Like Eurorack modules, the boxes also have specific features: analog VCO, VCF, looping ADSR, sequencer and more. All this not in the classic Eurorack form but similar to mini pedals.

What is a good point here is the fact that there are no boundaries how to use these boxes. So you can concentrate on classic synthesis or put together a drone Synthesizer. Well chosen is that these small boxes are compatible with the Eurorack format that allows musicians to use them in their actual modular setup. At the beginning I said that they also have the character of guitar pedals. They shape is similar to these small effect devices and they can be powered also with a 9V DC power supply.

In my opinion very unique synth products where I am sure that we will see more of it in the future. The developer even has idea for more future boxes: more complex sequencer …

What Are The Hungry Robot Modular Modules?

Hungry Robot is dipping their toes into the modular world with a new lineup of desktop “Modular Boxes.”  The new modules are built in a unique format, attempting to bring greater accessibility and flexibility to modular synth users at a reasonable price.  Upon release there are 13 modules. The first group of designs focus on the bread-and-butter modules, the basic building blocks found in almost every modular rig.  They require no case and are compatible with most power supplies used for guitar pedals, making it a very attractive entry point for new modular explorers starting on a budget.  

They are portable and fully compatible with Eurorack and most semi-modular synths.  The lineup provides a low cost option for those looking to expand their current Eurorack or semi-modular synths without committing to new rack space.  They also provide a gateway drug for those starting their modular journey.

The Following Modules Are Available

  • analog VCO with individual outputs for triangle, sawtooth, square
  • 1V/Oct
  • FM & PW Modulation
  • $150 USD
  • analog 4-pole low pass filter with a self-oscillating resonance
  • HM240 chip (replica of the SSM2040 chip)
  • cutoff can be controlled by CV
  • built-in attenuator & invert switch for the incoming CV
  • $150 USD
Loopable ADSR
  • ADSR with gate or looping mode
  • linear and exponential curves output
  • $150 USD

Clockable LFO
  • multiple waveforms,
  • cv control
  • subdivisions
  • wave symmetry
  • $150 USD
Sample & Hold 
  • S & H processor with an internal clock
  • built-in attenuverter
  • bypass the rate knob and clock signal in
  • $125 USD
Dual VCA
  • VCA with 2 independent high-quality VCA’s
  • DC coupled VCA’s – audio & CV sources
  • $100 USD

CV Keys
  • pushbutton keyboard with 1V/Oct tracking and chromatic semitones
  • full octave keyboard with a octave switch
  • hold button latches the gate signal
  • $150 USD
CV Sequencer
  • 8 step sequencer
  • external clock input
  • reset & pause buttons
  • $100 USD
  • 4 channel DC coupled mixer
  • 4 inputs and 4 attenuators
  • CV and audio signals
  • $75 USD
Output module
  • high-quality amplifier
  • mono & stereo signals
  • $100 USD

  • buffered multiples
  • 4 high-quality buffers to provide 4 banks of lossless splitting
  • $75 USD
  • dual channel slew generator
  • portamento and glide
  • $75 USD
  • two channel attenuverter & voltage source
  • $75 USD

Hungry Robot Modular modules are now available and price range between $75 and $150 USD.

More information here: Hungry Robot Modular 

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