AnalogFX SER-2020, Synton Syrinx inspired semi-modular analog formant synth

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SER-2020 is AnalogFX s take on the Synton Syrinx analog formant Synthesizer in semi modular, Eurorack ready and with MPE support.

The Synton Syrinx is analog Synthesizer from the Netherlands which was produced from 1983 to 1984. Today it is one of the exotics among the analogue vintage synthesizers. Mainly because of its unique circuit design packed with a a set of unusual features including formant filters making very bizzare sounds possible.

Analog FX now brings back the Synton Syrinx in the form of a new semi-modular Synthesizer. The SER-2020 is inspired by the Syrinx and uses practically all the features of the original but has some small differences. Yes, it’s basically a modern replica/clone.

AnalogFX SER-2020

AnalogFX SER-2020

The SER-2020 is a monophonic semi-modular analog Synthesizer that takes inspiration from the iconic and rare Synton Syrinx. The feature set is special compared to classic synths (Model D, Pro-1, etc.). It consists of two CEM3340-based VCO with triangle, sawtooth, square and pulse shapes and PWM. Sync comes in different flavours (modes) as well as a sync detune. It also includes a single sub-oscillator to beef up the signal, a ring modulator, a noise generator, and an audio mixer.

The unique filter design contributes a lot to the original’s character. And the AnalogFX SER-2020 is no different. Three CEM3350 filters are onboard and it’s a combination of a 24dB/octave VC low pass filter, and two independent resonant VC peak filters. Better known as formant filters. Each of these filters can be modulated in different ways and placed at various points in the signal path making a wide range of filtering effects possible.

AnalogFX SER-2020

Then, on the modulation side, you get 2 ADSR envelopes (filter/VCA), two multi-wave LFOs with reset & shaper modes as well as a sample & hold generator.

Touch ‘N Bend Pad

Like the original, the SER-2020 also has the well-known Touch’N Bend Pad on the left side. This can be assigned to the VCO, VCF, VCA and let it allows you to control very expressively. This function was a highlight on the Synton Syrinx in hard sync modes. It gave you some unique harmonic distorted timbres not possible with other classic synths. Let’s stay with expressive for a moment.

The SER-2020 is also compatible with MPE. Thus, you can work with strike (note-on velocity), press (aftertouch), glide (pitch bend), slide (brightness) and lift (note-of velocity). A nice add-on that the developers have included here. There is also a sound demo that shows the MPE functionality in detail.

Keyboard To Semi-Modular

The original Synton Syrinx had a keyboard. AnalogFX dispenses with these and goes semi-modular. They moved the design into the Eurorack compatible semi-modular world with tons of CV inputs and outputs. It’s not a module but it is in a case featuring a wide range of connections: signal and headphone output, MIDI interface, and a USB-MIDI interface on the backside.

So far there are only a few sound demos on YouTube. The demos that are available show the product in action, but say little in my opinion.

The Synton Syrinx is one of those synthesizers that have something mystical. Is it because of the formant filter or because of the special signal path, I don’t know. I am pleased that this exotic instrument of the analog synth history is available again as an “inspired” semi-modular synth. And at a relatively fair price from a developer from Holland.

AnalogFX SER-2020 is available now for pre-order for 975,01€ and will be released in February 2022.

More information here: AnalogFX 

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  1. Very cool… I didn’t really know much of anything about the Syrinx until this. I like that they brought it back to life with a change to a module. Hopefully they think of a keyboard version also at some point. This would be particularly interesting if the keyboard had velocity, aftertouch (maybe polyphonic?), and a joystick for pitchbend modulations. (Get some inspiration and pull some of teh performance features from the Korg Sigma!)

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