Patching Panda Hatz v2, All-Analog Hi-Hat & Percussion Module Got A Refresh

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Patching Panda Hatz v2, a flexible all-analog hi-hat & percussion Eurorack module just got a feature upgrade that expands its sonic range once more. 

Barcelona is the mecca for Spanish Eurorack manufacturers. Befaco,, Plankton Electronics, Winter Modular, Patching Panda … and many others. A full list here available at Eurorack Barcelona.

About the last one, I report on the Superbooth 20 Home Edition. At that time he showed an extremely exciting stereo morphing filter called Moon Phase. Today he shows an update for one of his best sellers.

Patching Panda Hatz v2

Patching Panda Hatz v2

Hatz v2 is an update for Patching Panda’s beloved all-analog hi-hat and percussive Synthesizer module. The core uses two noise generators, a complex (LFSR) noise, and (LOGIC) noise metals. Hatz v2 has two channels, each has a 2-pole filter and a VCA & envelope combination. Each filter and the decay stage of the envelope of the open-hi-hat channel are fully CV-controllable. Handy for creating rhythmic animations.

The developers have given the module in version 2 some new functions. Hatz v2 offers a new texture control that introduces a new range of noise textures that expands the sonic capabilities. Everything from classic, click hats to metallic snares, filtered clangs, and more, Hatz v2 is a powerful tool for analog hi-hats. Plus, the new texture control has a dedicated CV input that makes it even more flexible. The new version also hosts newly revised envelopes and a major upgrade for the signal to noise ratio.

A nice update for an already popular module. If you need analog hi-hats that are more versatile than classic Roland TRs, this is the right place for you.

Patching Panda Hatz v2 is available soon for 238€.

More information here: Patching Panda

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