Baloran The Pool Hybrid Synthesizer, Feature Teaser & Sound Demos

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The French developer Baloran previews The Pool, a new hybrid Synthesizer with four oscillators (analog/digital), 4 filters, a hands-on 4-channel step sequencer & more. 

Today Baloran has named its new Synthesizer “The Pool”. Yesterday I wrote an article about the Machin. This was just the prototype/working title. The right one is The Pool.

A new photo also shows the first details about the engine. It will feature a hybrid engine with analog and digital synthesis parts.

Baloran The Pool

Baloran The Pool

The new photo shows the details. It will have two analog VCOs (saw, tri, PW, PWM, extern) with range buttons 32′ – 4′), semi, tune, and FM. Two additional digital oscillators (digit) are onboard with wave, FM, param, semi, tune, A2D, ADD controls. ADD maybe stands for additive synthesis, which would be very exciting in a hardware synthesizer. 2 analog and 2 digital oscillators thus form the sound generation.

These then travel in a mixer with sync functionalities between the VCOs. From here it goes in up to four filters. Two VCFs per mix for a total of 4 filters. The first and the third filter have 12 and 24dB characteristics. Plus they offer filter FM with the digital and analog oscillators. That could become wild. VCF2 & VCF4, however, only has BP or HP characteristics with an additional VCF1-2 balance knob. Each VCF has a dedicated key tracking and can be easily routed to an envelope in the filter section.


Further, you have 4 envelopes at the top of the interface with attack, decay, sustain and release controls. Envelopes 3 & 4 named ENV F and ENV M also have a curve parameter. This is where the central touch display comes into play, where you can possibly create your own envelope curves. 3 LFOs are also onboard and are located on the lower third of the interface. They have wave, rate, and level controls. Next to these, you have two VCAs with panning function for stereo operation.

For the melodic part, there is an arpeggiator and a 4-channel 16-step sequencer. You can control it with 16 knobs on the right side which I find a very nice idea. Very hands-on. How many voices The Pool will have or whether it will be a multi-timbral synth is not yet known. The four channels of the sequencer, however, indicate more voice power. The sequencer also has probability which is also a nice extra function.

As already mentioned, The Pool Synthesizer also has a touch display. This is framed with numerous knobs, with which one can operate the features without your fingers. A good design decision as many musicians doesn’t like touch displays. So you have both options. The lower part of the interface also shows some voice settings including mono, dual and poly.

All details will be revealed soon. At first glance a very exciting Synthesizer. Even if not everything is known yet and the interface is a prototype, the first features looks solid.

Laurent will show The Pool at SynthFest France SFF (June 4-6, 2021). Looking forward to it.

More information will follow here: Baloran

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