Mackie Onyx, New Analog Mixers With Multitrack Recording & Onboard DSP Effects

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Mackie shows for NAMM 2021 the new Onyx series, new affordable analog mixers with up to 24 channels of USB Multitrack recording, onboard DSP effects and more. 

Mixers that have everything in one are popular. The Zoom LiveTraks are beloved by bedroom producers, while the Presonus AR series or the Behringer X32 are big sellers among semi-professional musicians. Now Mackie is also launching a new range of all-in-one mixers, 4 at the same time. 

The Mackie Onxy series, available with 8, 12, 16, or 24 channels are new mixers that feature high-quality Onyx mic-preamps and 24-bit/96kHz multitrack USB recording.

Mackie Onyx Series

Mackie Onyx

Each channel has a Perkins EQ that is based on a circuit that models a classic British EQ from mixing desks of the ’60s and ’70s. The highlight of these new mixers is the multitrack recording functionality that allows you to stream with a simple USB cable up to 24 tracks to your computer. It depends on which model you choose. Alternatively, it has an SD card slot on board that gives you the option to record your stereo mix directly to it. No computer is needed here and is perfect for DAWless musicians.

Then you have a wide selection of built-in effects onboard to finalize your tracks. You can store up to 6 user FX presets for easy recall that is very handy. A dedicated EQ gives you flexible tonal control. All of this is controlled via a full-color display and single-knob interface. It gives you full control over the effects, presets, and more. Plus, you have Bluetooth streaming. Pair any Bluetooth enabled device and stream audio directly into a channel. Personally, I’m not a big fan of Bluetooth because it can lead to problems.

The mixers ships with a lot of software with which you can start your music production adventure right away. The bundle includes Pro Tools (First DAW), Musician Collection with 23 Pro Tools plugins, Waveform OEM DAW as well as the DAW Essential Collection with 16 plugins.

Mackie Onyx Series


  • Ultra-clean, low-noise performance
  • High-headroom Onyx mic preamps with up to 60dB of gain
  • Full multi-track recording via USB at up to 24-Bit / 96 kHz quality
  • Record a stereo mix direct to an SD card plus playback music files
  • Professional, customizable built-in effects
  • Onyx Studio Command – Full-color display makes FX control and SD card management easy
  • Perkins “British Style” EQ offers classic sounds of the 60’s and 70’s with modern performance and accuracy
  • Stream music directly into a channel via Bluetooth®

First Impression

At first glance, I really like the new Onyx mixers from Mackie. If they deliver what they promise, they could become real value for money winners. They offer a lot of functions, USB and SD recording at a very fair price. 

The new Mackie Onyx series will be available in four versions for the following prices: Onyx8 (399€), Onxy12 (549€), Onxy16 (649€), and Ony24 (849€). Availability TBA.

More information here: Mackie 

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