Pigtronix Intros Space Rip, Constellator & Moon Pool Pedals At NAMM 2021

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Pigtronix has today introduced three eye-catching, compact effect pedals Space Rip, Constellator & Moon Pool, each with a spacey look.

I like to report on new guitar pedals because they are very nice sound design tools with which you can make any synthesizer shine. I only say the Arturia MicroFreak which only shows its beauty in connection with one or more effects.

At the virtual NAMM 2021, the manufacturer Pigtronix is showing three beautiful pedals with an interstellar look: Space Rip, Constellator & Moon Pool.

Pigtronix Space Rip

Space Rip

Pigtronix’s first new product for NAMM 2021 is the Space Rip, analog synth pedal. It features pulse width modulated (PWM) sawtooth and square wave voices in multiple octaves. According to the developer, it offers a state-of-the-art tracking engine that keeps up with the fasted single-note lines replicating both pitch and dynamics. The pedal has a VCO built-in capable of sweeping through saw and square waves that transforms your guitar into a synth. Additionally, it has a sub knob and an octave knob to gives you additional flexibility to thicken your sounds.


The second release is called Constellator and is based on BBD delays. It’s an all-analog delay pedal designed for lush echo with adjustable modulation and a comprehensive sound pallette. It has a good amount of parameters (time, mix, mod, and repeats) that gives you a lot of hands-on control. Plus, you have a feel switch/button that switches between a chorus and vibrato effect. I think Pigtronix new delay also works nicely in combination with synthesizers.

Moon Pool

Last but not least, we have Moon Pool, a new analog modulation effect pedal described as “Tremvelope Phaser”. More precisely, it’s an analog phase shifter and tremolo with independent speed controls featuring the ability to change the rate of one or both of the effects in either direction, corresponding to how hard you play. The pedal has several parameters (phase speed, trem speed, depth, sens) with which the effect can be adjusted according to your wishes. Then, the built-in 4-stage VCA-based phaser also has a variable bias tremolo that makes it more flexible. It also features three mini switches that adjust the dynamics as well as gives you the option to choose the onboard effects you want to use.

Very interesting pedals at first sight, not only for guitars but also for Synthesizer players. The interfaces are very nice and eye-catching to me. Unfortunately, there are no official sound demos out. Hopefully soon.

Pigtronix Space Rip, Constellator & Moon Pool will be available soon and they will cost $179 USD (RRP) each.

More information here: Pigtronix 

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