BLEASS Granulizer, A Granular Texture Effect Processor For iOS (AUv3)

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BLEASS Granulizer, an AUv3 granular effects processor that is easy-to-use, inspiring, and fun for your iOS device (iPhone/iPad). 

BLEASS from France has something new for your iPhone and iPad. The developer has made a name for itself over the past few years for solid, well-thought-out, and good-sounding AUv3 apps. With the creation of the EōN app for Jean-Michel Jarre, the developer has entered the Champions League of music creation apps.

Now he shows BLEASS Granulizer, a new granular effect processor for iOS with a clever user interface. This is super simple and invites everyone to granulate audio signals, even without major audio knowledge.

Bleass Granulizer

BLEASS Granulizer

The app does not revolutionize the granular effects and it doesn’t need to. It’s very classic designed and uses best-known granular techniques. Thus, it generates short samples aka grains from different input signals. This is done by modulating different parameters that you can visualize thanks to a 3D visualizer. Further, it has full AUv3 supports that allow you to use the app in multiple instances. Perfect for intensive sound design fun.

The effect is capable of creating dreamy, lush-sounding textures. So that what you expect from such an effect processor app. However, it can also produce other unique effects: small sonic washes, reverbs, inspiring fragmentation, and more.

User Interface

  • volume
  • pan (width in the visualizer)
  • size (grain’s duration)
  • offset (the amount of time record and play = depth in the 3D visualizer)
  • backward/forward playback direction
  • shape (grain’s envelope = height dimension in the visualizer)
  • warmth (strength of the distortion applied to the grain)
  • tune (grain pitching up or down according to the different modes: “fine” / chromatic / major / minor / 5th / major 7th. / minor 7th / octave)
  • dice = amount of randomization
  • density, grain size, and offset range can be freely synced or beat-synced to the host’s tempo)
  • Touching and holding the visualizer modifies pan and density.

All in all a nice app that is very user-friendly, especially due to its intuitive interface. For granular friends a must buy.

BLEASS Granulizer is available now for $7.99 USD on the AppStore. It’s a standalone app and an AUV3 effect processor that requires a compatible host (AUM, AudioBus, GarageBand…)

More information here: BLEASS

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