U-he Holiday Sale, Save Up To 60% OFF On Zebra 2, Diva, Hive 2… Last Hours

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Native Instruments has today announced a big U-he Holiday sale with discounts up to 60% OFF on Zebra 2, Diva, Hive 2 & more.

Many producers have certainly invested heavily in new software during the Black Friday sale. And rightly so, there were many very good deals. Big thanks again for supporting the website during the BFS. It helped me a lot. But there is an even better one now.

Today Native Instruments started an exclusive holiday sale on U-he plugins. No joke. There are big discounts on a selection of U-he plugins, a developer who rarely makes sales. The Berlin-based developer has great plugins in its portfolio and all of them are 50% OFF and more.

U-he Holiday Sale

This is a huge deal in my opinion because U-he is one of the best developers out there and offers long-term support without extra charges. Plus, their registration system is super straightforward without installing an annoying program. Don’t complain about it if you missed this deal, I said it.

Modern U-He Synthesizers

Zebra 2 (199€→ 99,50€) is a modular Synthesizer plugin that has a very broad spectrum of sounds. It relies on 4 powerful fully customizable, wavetable oscillators, each with 16 waves with integrated effects. A highlight of Zebra 2 is. It is fully modular but does not use cables. Thanks to its intuitive design, modules can be easily combined without pulling cables. No cable salad and thus a better workflow.

Zebra 2 is also used a lot by many Hollywood composers. The biggest fan of it is Hans Zimmer, who wrote many soundtracks with Z2, including Inception and the Dark Knight. They both also worked on a special version of Z2, the Dark Zebra 2 which is also now on sale.

Dark Zebra 2 (99€→ 49,50€) is an extension for Zebra 2, you need Zebra 2 to open it. Dark Zebra 2 is a preset library with 500 original presets from The Dark Knight movie. On the other hand, it is an extended version of the Zebra 2 synthesizer with numerous new features that Hans Zimmer wanted. This includes more modulations, diva filters, etc. In my opinion, Dark Zebra 2 is a must-have for every Zebra 2 user, not only because of the HZ presets. The additional features are also worth every penny.

HIVE 2 (149€→ 74,50€) is the CPU lightest Synthesizer from the U-he crew.  But it doesn’t sound bad or cheap at all. Hives 2 is Urs Heckmann’s answer to Sylenth1, Serum, and co. It’s a very straightforward designed plug-in with a lot of sound options. I like the interface better than that of Serum and co because it’s more intuitive, visually inviting, and faster. With Hive 2 there were also new exciting features that catapult the synth in a new direction. For this price, a no-brainer for all electronic musicians.

Vintage Inspired U-he Synthesizers

DIVA (179€→ 89,50€)  is, as the name suggests, the diva of all virtual analog synthesizers that captures the spirit of vintage analog technology. Diva is CPU intensive, but the plugin sounds almost as cool as an analog Synthesizer. The haptics are of course missing. Diva merges various oscillator and filter models from well-known analog synthesizers into one plug-in. This is where the sounds of Moog, Roland, and Korg meet for a great sound design adventure.

What makes Diva so exciting: you can combine them as you like. Pair a classic Roland oscillator with the legendary Moog Ladder filter for a big bass sound. And with a huge user library of presets, you’ll have fun for the next few years. If you want classic “analog” sounds for your DAW without buying a hardware synth, then you are at the right plugin. A demo with my own DIVA preset library.

Repro/Repro-5 (149€→ 74,50€) a Synthesizer bundle that features two plugins, the first emulates the Sequential Pro-1, the other the legendary Prophet-5, exactly the one that Dave Smith recently brought back onto the market. If you don’t have 3500 € left over for the Sequential replica or don’t want to wait for the Behringer clone, then this emulation is a must. It comes dangerously close to the sound of the original.

U-he Effects

Satin (129€→ 64,50€) is a very beautiful and authentic-sounding tape machine emulation plugin with multiple options to manipulate the plugin according to your wishes. From perfect to imperfect, defective tape machine timbres, everything is possible here. Additional delay and flange options make it a versatile effects unit for your DAW.

Colour Copy (69€→ 34,50€) is Urs Heckmann’s take on classic bucket bridge delays from the 70s and 80s. The plugin is equipped with plenty of powerful additional features and ultra-smooth delay lines. One of the finest BBD emulations I’ve heard so far

U-he effects

Twangström (69€→ 34,50€) is all about springs reverbs. The plugin is modeled after several classic spring reverbs from the past but upgraded with powerful new features including complex modulators. In Twangström meets the authentic reproduction of the analog character of spring reverbs with digital technologies.

Presswerk (129€ → 64,50€) is a plugin that fuses analog-inspired compression and saturation in one plugin. It offers variable modes for both modern and classic sonic makeups.

You should also know: the plugins have full NKS support, some even have Linux support and are constantly supplied with updates. So no plugin ruins.

If you can’t decide which plugin to buy and are interested in all of them, there is also a bundle with all of them. The U-he Collection features all plugins I reported about for 459€ instead of 1171€. It’s 51€ per plugin which is a great deal especially for U-he plugin that goes very rarely on sale.

U-he Holiday sale at Native Instruments is valid until January 7, 2021.

More information here: Native Instruments (partner link)

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    • U-he sales are very very rare. The NI U-he sales happened twice with a 1-year pause in between. Maybe wait until Black Friday but the chance to get a deal is not big

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