AtomoSynth MOCHIKA X4, Peruvian Analog Synthesizer Gets A Big Feature Upgrade

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AtomoSynth has today announced the MOCHIKA X4, a big feature upgrade for its fat-sounding analog Synthesizer now with a sub-oscillator, more modulation, and an improved sequencer. 

Synthesizers come from all over the world. Yes also from Peru. This is the home of Alfredo Aliaga, the head of AtomoSynth, who has presented us with very interesting analog boutique synthesizers recently.

One of his most successful synthesizers so far is the MOCHIKA, which will now appear in a new, upgraded fourth version.

AtomoSynth MOCHIKA X4

AtomoSynth MOCHIKA X4

MOCHIKA X4 is a full analog Synthesizer. According to Alfredo, it has a huge organic and raw analog sound thanks to its discrete circuit design. I can confirm this from the first sound demo. The synth has a very classic design. It has an analog voltage-controlled oscillator, noise generator, and a classic AtomoSynth vactrol filter. The last one also has a lot of influence on why the whole thing sounds very organic.

The new version comes with a sub-oscillator, pulse-width modulation (PWM), flexible LFO, and ADSR type envelope generator. The built-in step sequencer also got a makeover. Instead of analog-switched 8-steps, it now includes a 16 step sequencer with a crisp OLED display and 8 rotary encoders with push buttons. This simplifies the sequencer workflow a lot and makes it possible to edit it in real-time and to access all parameters of each step (pitch, repetition number, gate time/slide). It also features 8 new creative playing modes including normal/reverse, alternate, random, drone, and others.

AtomoSynth MOCHIKA X4


The sounds in the AtomoSynth  MOCHIKA X4 cannot be saved but the patterns in 64 lots of non-volatile memory. All parameters can be edited on the fly while a sequencer is running. Further, it has an external clock and is MIDI synchronizable, so it’s also controllable by any external MIDI device (MIDI note on/off).

I am very happy to see that Alfredo from AtomoSynth is bringing the Mochika onto the market again in a new version. A nice boutique synthesizer with fat analog sound.

AtomoSynth MOCHIKA v4 is available very soon for $399 USD plus taxes + shipping from Peru.

More information here: AtomoSynth

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