Elektron Octatrack MKII Anniversary Edition: Black Design, Extra Content & Limited To 350 Units

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Elektron is celebrating 10 years of Octatrack with a new MKII Anniversary Edition, all in black, with new sound content and limited to 350 units. 

The Elektron Analog Rythm and Analog Four Mk2 were restyled back in September. Away from the gray, towards a beautiful black finish. Now it’s time for a restyling for the Octatrack Mk2, the most popular instrument from Elektron.

Elektron celebrates the 10th birthday of its inspiring and super creative Octratrack, initially debuted in 2010. How the time flies. To mark this event, they have today released the new Mk2 makeover called Anniversary Edition. Limited to 350 units worldwide, it has a new sexy black interface. It melts many design elements of the MKI & MKII in one new edition plus a memory card full of new sounds.

Elektron Octatrack MK2 Anniversary Edition

Elektron Octatrack MKII Anniversary Edition

The re-design reminds me of a lot of the Novation AFX Station, which is actually a Bass Station 2 in black with new sounds. It is different here. There is no celebrity (Aphex Twin…) who is responsible for it. It’s a special edition for its 10th anniversary. Elektron says:

The new Octatrack MKII Anniversary Edition comes with a custom-designed 32 GB CF card, loaded with a bunch of exclusive artist content to mark the occasion – only available as part of this limited run. This new audio ecstasy has been specially put together with the help of serial, long-term Octafriends. There are over 700 MB of additional samples supplied by Andreas Tilliander, Skinnerbox, Jogging House, Headless Horseman, Inhalt, and Arc Rae.

A new box is also part of the package. The interior box features custom artwork by Tokyo-based graphic artist m7kenji, showing a sweeping tapestry-like blend of Octatrack pixel graphics and other logograms, icons, and scripts. Then, it has includes a full-size poster of this design ready to adorn any studio wall.

Repackaged Hardware

Further to highlight is that everything stays the same on the hardware level. It’s a shame. To give a device a few extra features for its tenth anniversary would have been amazing. But I think Elektron had no reason to change this. Even ten years after its introduction, the Octratrack Mk2 remains unique with its 8 sampler tracks and its endless mangling capabilities. There is no real competitor for it, even not the Roland MC-707.

All in all, this is probably the easiest way to celebrate the 10th birthday of a classic. I guess many users would have wished for an Octratrack Mk3 for the 10th time. This would have been the perfect time to make the sampler fit for the upcoming 10 years. This is a black makeover with more sounds, a little unexciting. Nonetheless, happy Birthday, Octatrack.

Elektron Octatrack MKII Anniversary Edition is available now for 1499€ worldwide in limited quantities (350 units).

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