UVI Synth Anthology 3, Massive Update With 55 New Sampled Hardware Synths

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UVI Synth Anthology 3, the monster synth virtual instrument goes into the third round with 55 newly sampled hardware Synthesizers, better FX, and more.

Sampling hardware synthesizers is not an easy matter. It is a true sampling philosophy. Which aspects of the device do you capture, how do you process the signals, etc. Everyone would do it differently. There are many libraries on the market. Honestly, I could list many by tomorrow morning. Highlights for me are the IK Multimedia Syntronik or the UVI Synth Anthology 2. The latter has now received an impressive sound upgrade.

Synth Anthology 3 continues where the SA 2 stopped. It now comes with 55 new sampled hardware synthesizers, new FX, arp modes, and more packed in the same intuitive interface, initially introduced in v2.

UVI Synth Anthology 3

UVI Synth Anthology 3

Version 3 now gives users, even more, classy hardware synth sounds to play right away. It now ships with sounds from additional 55 new hardware synthesizers including the ARP 2600, Oberheim SEM, or System-100. Synth Anthology 3 does not limit the sound spectrum to vintage but also includes sounds from modern classic synthesizers like the Novation Peak, Moog One, Waldorf Quantum… All of this is captured into 3500 presets.

Owners of the Synth Anthology 2 benefit from 500 new raw waveforms, 1000 additional presets, better FX, and ARP sections. The latter now offers inspiring chord and phrases modes. Unlike other sample libraries or romplers, you can quickly craft your own sounds in Synth Anthology 3. Control the amp, filter, stereo placement, add effects, LFO, step modulators, or a sub-oscillator. UVI gives the user everything in hand to completely mix up the supplied presets.

In this case, presets are the sampled sounds of the hardware synthesizers such as basses, leads, pads … Alternatively, you can also use a raw wave and design sounds from scratch.

The Sampling Process

UVI has designed numerous new sounds on the respective synthesizers. They also share information about how these were captured

Synth Anthology 3 delivers an enormous collection of sounds from a huge variety of hardware synthesizers touching every major manufacturer and synthesis type, covering large and small productions ranging from the early ‘70s to today. Presets have been professionally designed on the original hardware and treated through a chain of outboard processors including EQs, compressors and effects from Manley, Langevin, Lexicon, Publison, Focusrite, SPL and more, giving every synth a finely-tuned and polished recording studio sound.

Sound Demos

UVI has released a short SA3 preset showcase on YouTube. Alternatively, I’ve made some videos about Synth Anthology 2 in the past. Here are some sound demos to check out.

In summary, I can say that I am pleased that Synth Anthology 3 has been expanded again. A bit of a shame, however, that you can still not call up the sounds individually as “Tone” in the interface.

UVI Synth Anthology 3 is available immediately at an introductory price of $99 / 99€ through November 11th, 2020 (regularly $149 / 149€). Upgrade pricing of $49 / 49€ is available for owners of Synth Anthology 1 or 2 through November 11th, 2020. It is compatible with the free UVI Workstation and Falcon 2 Synthesizer.

More information here: UVI (partner link)

Sample Library News

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  1. An immaculate library of synthesizers, a collection of superior sound recreations of amazing quality, all in 24bit resolution at 48,000Khz make this instrument a sound feat without exaggeration, for $99 it’s a Christmas present! Thank you UVI for this fantastic sound tool! America loves you!

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