Hexachords Orb Synth, An Ableton-Like Wavetable Synthesizer For $1

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Hexachords Orb Synth is a beginner-friendly wavetable Synthesizer plugin in the Ableton look, until mid-November for just 1€.

The wavetable Synthesizer plugin market is booming, that’s a fact. Almost every Synthesizer plugin manufacturer has its own on the market. Serum, Massive X, Ableton Wavetable, Pigments, Nave, just to name a few that have been released in recent years.

Now Hexachords, which are actually known as MIDI plugin specialists, just released their own wavetable Synthesizer called Orb Synth. Actually, part of the new Orb Producer Suite 2.0, but now released as a single plugin. And that for only 1 € for a limited time.

Orb Synth

Hexachords Orb Synth

A Synthesizer plugin for € 1 sounds suspiciously like a marketing campaign. That could also be the case, possible to promote the latest Orb Producer Suite 2.0. Back to the topic. Orb Synth is a two-oscillator wavetable Synthesizer with several pre-installed wavetables. No wavetable import or editor, a bit of shame. Then, we have two multimode filters (3 types) for further sound shaping.

On the modulation side, it has two basic LFOs and two envelopes, one of which is also used to control the volume. You can set the modulation of parameters simply in a matrix on the right side. However, the range of parameters that can be modulated is very limited. This includes oscillator amp, position, frequency, both filter frequencies, and both LFOs rates. Compared to Massive X, Serum a bit lean. But it’s good that you move the wavetables, an essential feature for such a Synthesizer.

Additionally, you have a randomize function inside the modulation matrix that can generate unexpected sounds. Finally, you get two effects (delay, reverb), a saturator, and a controller for glide to refine your sounds.

Ableton Wavetable

Ableton Wavetable?!

To be honest, Orb Synth is very reminiscent of Ableton’s Wavetable Synthesizer. It almost looks like Ableton released its Synthesizer as a plugin. Even the design of the modulation matrix is ​​almost exactly like in the DAW from Berlin. In terms of sound, however, it is not on the same level as its direct competitor or Ableton Wavetable. This may also be due to the uninspiring presets.

There is also an Orb Synth presentation where you can hear it. Viewers asked the developer if wavetable import is included. They said no but it could come in a future update.

All in all, Orb Synth is not the most feature-rich wavetable Synthesizer but one of the simple ones out there. There is potential to grow. I hope that a few updates with new features will come in the future.

To Orb Synth (VST3/AU) is currently available for 1€, for this price it is certainly worth a try. To benefit from the deal, add Orb Synth to your cart and use the code ORBS at checkout. This deal is only available until November 18, 2020.

More information here: Hexachords (partner link)

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