Sinevibes Node, Korg Plugin Turns The Logue Series Into A 4 OP FM Synth

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Sinevibes Node transforms your Korg logue Synthesizer into a 4 operator FM or into a hybrid analog + FM synthesizer with just a few clicks

The Korg Multi-Engine is a very innovative concept, I certainly don’t need to tell you that anymore. The numerous free or commercial, versatile Korg plugins have shown this clearly. I don’t know of any hardware instrument that can be turned into a new one so quickly.

Sinevibes shows in a remarkable way that this engine can handle more than just simple codes. Node is another Korg plugin masterpiece from the software company. Node turns your Korg prologue, minilogue & NTS-1 in a four operator FM Synthesizer. So a kind of Korg OPSIX for the tight budget.

Sinevibes Node

Sinevibes Node

Node relies on four sine oscillators (operators), which are connected together via multiple different algorithms with frequency modulation that let them apply frequency modulation onto one another. It ships with a total of 24 FM algorithms with the ability to set the operator ratios within an extremely wide range. It delivers nearly 90.000 possible combinations.

So what we know from large FM synthesizers, only scaled-down and optimized for the mighty Korg multi-engine. This engine opens a whole new universe of timbres on your Korg logue Synthesizer. Node’s engine runs 2x oversampled and to offer a pristine sound quality, it offers a special filter that suppresses unpleasant aliasing frequencies. A way to achieve cleaner sound even in the higher octave range. But that’s not all.

Node also features a customizable modulation generator with different options. It can act as exponential/linear envelopes, multi-waveform LFO, sample & hold, or random triangle.

It’s really impressive what Korg has created with the multi-engine. But also what developers like Sinevibes create for it. This is probably the strongest plugin that you can download for the Korg logue synth series. Analog + true FM synthesis opened up a completely new palette of sounds. Nice job Sinevibes.

Sinevibes Node is available now for $39 USD and runs on the Korg minilogue xd, prologue & NTS-1. Existing Sinevibes customers are eligible for special upgrade pricing.

More information here: Sinevibes 

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