Kodamo Announces VFM37 Synthesizer & New EssenceFM Mk2 Ready For Pre-Order

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Kodamo has shared more information about its upcoming VFM37 & VFM61 Synthesizer and also introduced the EsssenceFM Mk2 with a little change.

Update: You can now pre-order the EssenenceFM MK2 for just 1090€ instead of 1390€ until December 16, 2020.

Soundmit is the place to be in November. It’s the international sound summit that takes place every year in Italy. Synthesizer, pedal, and music tech manufacturers from all over the world will gather there and present their new products. This year, however, it’s not the place to be but the place to stream.

Francesco Mulassano, the organizer and head of this beautiful even has therefore brought together many content creators and developers to make the best o the current situation. Even without a real event, we can always talk about synths and I as SYNTH ANATOMY will be reporting on the news of the Soundmit 2020. Just before the official start, I have already interesting news from the Fench manufacturer Kodamo, one of the participants of the event.

Kodamo VFM37

Kodamo VFM37 & VFM61

Already in September, I reported about a new Kodamo Synthesizer that should come out next year. This will be not a keyboard version of the EssenceFM but a completely new product, an alternative to their FM beast. For Soundmit 2020, the developer shared more details about the new synth including a new render of the design.

The new Kodamo Synthesizer will be called VFM37 & VFM61. This means it will be available in two keyboard versions. It will be a compact synth with a full-metal enclosure and FATAR keybed. That sounds promising, especially that they use a high-quality FATAR keybed. Kodamo doesn’t tell us anything about the sound engine, but it should be similar but not identical to the EssenceFM. So a real FM beast. Attention Korg OPSIX you get competition from France. They plan to show a working prototype in mid-2021. So it’s obvious that you will find out more at the next Superbooth 2021.

EssenceFM MKII

Kodamo has also announced that they will be working on the second batch of their 300 voice FM Synthesizer monster EssenceFM shortly. Interestingly, this should get an MK2 version after a year. That’s quick but it’s not a big update. It houses the same sound engine, same specs, but offers removable rack ears. So it has the same insane powerful FM synth engine with 300 voice polyphony and identical user interface.

Kodamo EssenceFM is available now for 1390€. On the manufacturer’s side, the device is currently sold out. When it will be available again is not known but probably in the MK2 version.

More information here: Kodamo

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