First Behringer 2500 Eurorack Modules (ARP 2500 Clones) Are Available Now

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The Behringer 2500 Eurorack modules based on the legendary ARP 2500 Synthesizer can now be pre-ordered and are all under € 100

Update: The first Behringer 2500 modules are available now: Filteramp 1006, Dual Envelope Generator 1003 & Dual Envelope Generator 1033. Modamp 1005 is not yet available.

Many are waiting for the 2600, Behringer’s answer to the ARP 2600. Interestingly, the Behringer 2500 modular system based on the ARP 2500 will be available sooner. The company recently announced that it already ships the first 4 modules from the 2500 range. Today, Thomann opened the pre-orders on these modules.

The first four modules are not the most exciting ones but it is good to see that the development progressed very quickly. This includes envelopes, filter, and a VCA/ring mod module.

Behringer 2500


1003 module is a dual envelope generator that allows you to create a deeply contoured signal with its 8 independent controls for Attack Time, Initial Decay Time, Sustain level from 0 to 10 Volts, and Final Decay Time. It also comes with different trigger modes, a manual gate mode but only one single gate & trigger in. Create snappy and percussive sounds or long evolving drones perfect for a funky groove.

1033 module looks almost identical as the 1003 dual envelope but features a gate delay that can be adjusted for each envelope independently. There is a mix-up here on the official Behringer website. Not 1003 as mention on the website but 1033 which has one main difference, the gate delay.

1005 is a ring modulator combined with a VCA that can create metallic and bell-like sounds as well as many other modulation effects, modulation can be applied to any signals such as a signal from VCO’s or LFO’s via the INA and IN B jacks and is fed out via the VCA output.

1006 is a classic voltage controlled 24 dB per octave low pass filter, the filter is a matched transistor ladder design followed by a matched transistor VCA for a vintage sound. The 1006 filter is equipped with a filter frequency control, a resonance control capable of self-oscillation, 3 summed CV inputs all with independent attenuators for maximum flexibility, the 2 filter signal inputs are also equipped with 2 dedicated attenuators so act as an input mixer.  The VCA has an amplifier gain control which is summed with the CV inputs, an exponential or linear response switch and 2 summed CV inputs with attenuators. All this lets you shape your sound to perfection.

Behringer 2500

There are no official demo videos available so far. I find it interesting to see such rather niche modules on the market. How authentic the modules are is difficult to find out because who has an ARP 2500 at home?

Behringer ARP 2500 modules will be available soon. Pre-orders are now open.

More information here: Behringer

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  1. “… who has an ARP 2500 at home?”

    At least Vince Clarke and Jean Michel Jarre have one.

    Maybe you (or Behringer) can convince them to compare the modules with the original? 😉

    By tehe way, I like these modules because of the rarity of the 2500. The cable patching is more common than the odd switch-matrix patching. That gives the ARP circuits afer 50 years the opportunity to get out of the “laboratory environment” into lots of musical contexts by many users.

    Cheers, Jörg

  2. Rob Keeble is most certainly behind these modules. If you watch Behringer’s 2600 Part One video, where Rob is introduced, they show his boutique modular website (AMsynths) and he has a picture of his 2500 module. Looks almost exactly like Behringer’s modules. He also made 2600 and Roland clones. He talks about engineering and re-engineering Arp stuff for over 10 years. In other words, this guy knows his Arp! His employment is a win for Behringer.

    • Exactly, Rob collaborated with Behringer on these modules. However, he is already out of the collab with B. because the modules are finished.

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