Metabolic Devices Moonwalker & Papomi, Two Utility Modules With A Lot Of Flexibility

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Metabolic Devices’ new modules are super flexible: Moonwalker acts as an AD envelope, phase variable LFO or as an oscillator while Papomi is a clever DC-coupled feedback explorer. 

Metabolic Devices Moonwalker

One of the most exciting things about Moonwalker, is that you can perform filter sweeps or other modulations without your envelope ever disappearing or going out of range.”


The most colorful of the new Metabolic Devices modules is Moonwalker. It is a 10HP analog attack/decay envelope generator that operates as an envelope, LFO, or audio oscillator. All this with a 360° continuously variable phase offset. According to the developers, it’s an envelope in the style of a Rise/Fall circuit on something like Maths from Make Noise.

It gets very complex very quickly. You can wind the LFO up to audio rate and use it as a VCO with 1v/oct control. Further, it has manual triggers, hard sync retriggering, and you can make your envelopes cycle in uni or bipolar fashion. Clever, the half-normalled feedback to the phase offset attenuverter allows you to shape the waveform without changing in frequency.


The second module is less colorful but no less unique. Papomi (8HP) is a DC-coupled 3-channel mixer and panner/polarizer. It facilitates the exploration of feedback structures such as Karplus strong. The DC-coupled mixer offers a unity gain input, 2 inputs with attenuverters, and a dc offset control with an electronic detent for easy nulling. The mixer output is half-normalled to the input of a simultaneous panner and polarizer with cv and attenuversion.

Erik Dower, designer of Papomi says “While there are some nice utility mixers on the market, none of them strike the right balance of features for feedback warriors. Papomi has multiple output points that ease setting up feedback networks, a mixer to sum the returns, and voltage controlled routing / amplification to help turn constant drones into expressive note events.”

Metabolic Devices Moonwalker is available now for 268,07€ + VAT and Papomi 150,42€ + VAT from the official website and resellers.

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