Native Instruments Reaktor 6 User Library – January 2018 Roundup

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2018 starts where 2017 has ended. The Reaktor 6 user library community uploads super interesting new ensemble nearly daily which are either complete new instruments/effects/midi devices or even only great patches. Here are the most exciting new releases of the Reaktor 6 user library from January 2018.

MDS-17 Drum Sampler By Marcus Kielman

MDS-17 is super straightforward drum sampler for Reaktor 6 that allows you to load any kind of sample and to play them very easily back.

No Sequencer, no use of the Reaktor MIDI map, just Drag and Drop your samples into the 16 pads given, and you can play the drums in real time in your recording through MIDI data. Presets can be made to create Drum Kits.

Available here: MDS-17 Drum Sampler 

Deus Ex7 – Unfinished DX7 Emulator/Poor Man’s FM8 By Paul J. Berlovitch

Deus EX7 is an emulation of the iconic Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer. It’s not finished developed but already interesting to play around with it.

Do whatever the hell you like with it. Use it, bug-test it, improve it, whatever. Even re-up with your own improvements if you really like. Just don’t sell it, or claim it as your own. That would be a dick move. Originally intended to be /like/ FM8 but with all of the functional limitations of the DX7 (which if you’re anything like me you’ll see as creative opportunities rather than hindrances) and none of the headache of having to program with little rubber buttons. One knob per function; exactly as all synthesis should be.

Available here: Deus Ex7 

Spectra Morph – Multi-Effects Spectral Processor By Jeremiah Savage

Spectra Morph is one of these effect processor why I love the Reaktor environment.

It’s a flexible, morphable, controllable spectral effects processor. Each effect can manipulate a certain part of the frequency spectrum. The Spectra Effects section is where you can really explore the subtleties of effecting multiple sections of the frequency spectrum of the audio you are processing. Some effects work off of each other such as the Delay, Diffuse, and Feedback effects. Experiment applying a shaper or pan, for example, to a specific part of the frequency spectrum

Available here: Spectra Morph 

animaSpace – Anima + spaceMaestro for weird/extreme filtered reverb by Rick Scott

animaSpace is a very interesting but different sounding reverb which invites you to very weird and crazy sounds.

Anima and spaceMaestro: a match made in audio experimental heaven.

Available here: animaSpace 

subSineDrone – Subbass & higher Sine Drone Generator By Rick Scott

What the name already suggest, this is a new drone generator based on a sine wave.

This started off as a subbass sine drone generator, for making subbass drones that add richness and depth to a mix. (It’s amazing what a simple subbass drone can do for a track!) Turns out it also sounds good at higher frequencies, so I added the freQ x 10 buttom. (It only goes to 1000 Hz, but you can easily go beyond that if you want.)

Available here: subSineDrone 

The Howler – Spectral Harmonic Distortion Reverb By Tim Richter

If you are bored with normal reverbs, you should use the The Howler. It’s very own and special reverb for creating dark horrified sounds.

The Howler will take your music and sing along from the dark. Strange and hard to control, but undeniably beautiful. If you’re ready to witness some wild and vibrant harmonics reverberate through your mix, take “The Howler” for a spin.

Available here: The Howler

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