Audient EVO 8, Portable USB-C Bus Powered 4In/4Out Audio Interface

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Audient has today introduced the EVO 8, a new portable USB-C powered 4-input/4-ouput audio interface with smart features. 

Audio interfaces with more than 2 inputs are often clunkier and less portable. The EVO series from Audient, for example, is compact and does not save on connections. With the EVO 8, they have announced the second interface in their new EVO lineup. As a reminder: at NAMM 2020 the smaller EVO 4 was on display for the first time.

According to Audient, it is designed with intuitive user experience in mind, for beatmakers, producers, home recordists – and even podcasters and streamers. EVO 8 features 4 inputs/4 outputs and includes all the same functions as EVO 4. More inputs also mean more music possibilities: more musicians playing together, multiple mics, or more guests on your podcast.

Audient Evo 8

EVO 8, More Connectivity But With The Same Quality

The same applies to the outputs: more outputs mean more flexibility in how you work. For example, more monitoring flexibility. EVO 8 is also smart. It features a Smartgain functionality which automatically sets the gain levels when the user starts playing or singing. This is a handy function for anyone who wants to focus on being creative, and not be distracted by technical problems. Of course, you can also ignore this function and dial in the gain manually.

The EVO range provides high performance, all-new EVO mic preamps with 58dB gain range, class-leading converters with a 113dB dynamic range alongside a JFET D.I. Furhter, Smartgain, Smart Touchpoints, two speaker and headphone outputs. All this is bus-powered via a USB-C cable, offers ultra-low latency, as well as a dedicated EVO software mixer. On top, you get a handy audio loop-back functionality. The latter is becoming more and more popular in audio interfaces, which is a good trend.

It also includes a software bundle with a good selection of instrument and effects plugins. For example, it includes Steinberg Cubase LE, Cubasis LE 2, Retrologue 2 Synthesizer, M-Tron Lite or the Waldorf Edition 2 LE. A bit of a shame, MIDI functionality is completely missing.


  • 4 x EVO Mic Pres
  • Class Leading AKM Converters
  • Smartgain
  • Smart Touchpoints
  • JFET Instrument Input
  • 2 x Stereo Speaker Outputs
  • 2 x Headphone Outputs
  • Low Latency Software Mixer
  • Audio Loop-back Functionality
  • USB Bus Powered
  • Free Software + Plugins

Audient EVO 8 will be available for 190€ (incl. VAT) / $199 USD MAP in mid-October in some markets. Customers in Europe will have to wait until mid-November.

More information here: EVO By Audient

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