Behringer 2600, ARP 2600 Clone Will Cost $599 USD

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Behringer kept us waiting for major news for a full 7 months, but now the 2600 (ARP 2600 Clone) is in production, price & availability is not known

Update: Behringer just revealed that the 2600 will cost $599 USD what is near a no-brainer deal for a 2600 clone.

Behringer recently announced that the long-awaited 2600 (ARP 2600 replica) is in production. Today they published further impressions of the production including a picture of the final version as it will now be sent to the dealer.

I like the look of the device. Of course, it doesn’t look like a Korg ARP 2600, but it’s obvious which Synthesizer Behringer is referring to. Only the stereo jacks on the top right are a bit inelegant solved. Somehow they don’t quite fit into the overall design.

Behringer 2600 Shipping

There are also new impressions from the factory. Even today I cannot tell you a price or possible delivery date. Neither Behringer nor one of the well-known shops (Thomann, Gear4music …) have information on this. But be happy: the Behringer 2600 is in full production.

Behringer 2600 Shipping

News From September 30, 2020

For NAMM 2020, Behringer published numerous videos about the upcoming 2600, at the same time that Korg presented its ARP 2600 replica. Since then it has become quiet about the Behringer replica which is made in collaboration with Rob Keeble of AMSynths.

Today (6 months + later), the ARP 2600 clone is finally in production, according to a Behringer Facebook post.

Behringer 2600 Production

Behringer statement on FB

2600 is now in production. The baby is getting ready 

With this news, the company also published two photos, one where you can see the 2600 in production.

Behringer 2600 production

Behringer has presented/published a lot of Synthesizers, so far, the 2600 is the most exciting to me. It is also the project that the highly acclaimed synthesizer development team must measure themselves against. It is one of the most complex clones to date for Behringer. The synthesizer community is also excited to see how the clone will be and whether it can keep up with the original or the Korg replica.

However, two questions remain unanswered: when will it be available and what will the Behringer 2600 cost. We will most likely find out shortly, as it is already in production. Stay tuned

More information here: Behringer 

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  1. Well, I do recall that people in the music lab in Eugene back in 1984 rejected the 2600 as being “far too antique” and the long long line at the Yamaha DX7….remember when the lab assistant sold his Oberheim keyboard to get one ? HAHAHA last laugh here….

  2. Where’s the Behringer sequencer? Must put sequencer on board to complete the sound and live performance visuals.

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