After Later Audio Popple, Mutable Instruments’ Best-Selling Analog Filter In Stereo

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With Popple, After Later Audio has released Mutable Instruments’ best-selling, creamy analog multimode filter Ripples in a stereo version.

There are countless replica modules from Mutable Instruments on the Worldwide Web. However, there are fewer modified versions. After Later Audio is a nice example. The developers took the MI Ripples V1 multimode filter as a basis and upgraded it. The result is called Popple, is stereo and still offers the beloved buttery smoothness of the original while giving you two separate audio paths.

It is very nice to see that the module still has 8HP although it is now a stereo multimode filter. The audio paths share resonance &  frequency cutoff controls, CV input, and a v/oct cutoff CV input. With the later, you can use the module as a dual sine wave oscillator thanks to the self-oscillation at high-resonance settings.

After Later Audio Popple

Each channel then has it’s own cutoff CV input with attenuverters (which are normalled to a 2.5V signal). On the connection side, you have near all the inputs and outputs in stereo (l-r): main input, FM, BP, LP2 & LP4.  Cutoff and resonance act in the entire stereo signal and are not available separately.

A nice variation on the Mutable Instruments Ripples module. I like it much better than the original because legal copying is quite boring. This takes the idea of the filter and makes it stereo with which is more possible. The new front panel also looks very lovely. Of course, all source files will be available on Github. Here is a nice, detailed demo of the module from the Eurorack demo master DivKid

After Later Audio Popple is available now for pre-order for $199 USD and shipping starts on October 7th, 2020.

More information here: ALA

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