New Roland Cloud Updates: RESIN Instrument, New Effects & AAX Support!

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The latest updates for the Roland Cloud subscription service brings a virtual instrument (RESIN), new effects and a AAX support for all Cloud plugins!

Roland has recently released two major updates for their Roland Cloud subscription service. The biggest news is that all Cloud plugins supports now the AAX plugin format. With this new addition, Pro Tools and Pro Tools Ultimate® can now benefit from the Roland Cloud plugins.

Roland Cloud Update 5.5: AAX Support

With AAX plug-in support offered for all Roland Cloud virtual instruments, users of Pro Tools and Pro Tools Ultimate® can further ignite their creativity with perfect virtual replicas of legendary Synthesizers, including the highly sought-after Roland JUPITER-8, JUNO-106, and SH-101, the genre-defining TR-808 and TR-909 Software Rhythm Composers, the digital magic of the iconic D-50, and more. Future-focused Pro Tools creators will enjoy the cutting-edge new sounds of the Roland SYSTEM-8 and FLAVR series, while the incredibly expressive realism of acoustic offerings Tera Guitar and Tera Piano will inspire composer and producers working in any genre.

Roland Cloud Update 5.4: RESIN & New Effects

Already in June, Roland updated the Cloud to version 5.4 with new a new virtual instrument and effects. RESIN is new plugin that is inspired and designed by Hip Hop & Neo Soul music. Resin features 76 melodic patches including the trademark sound that can only come from a needle applied to vinyl. There’s also a robust drum kit to suit your beatmaking needs.

Beside this, the Roland Cloud Concerto player received an update that brings effects to the virtual instruments.

RESIN Overview

Inspired by and designed for creators of Hip Hop and Neo Soul, RESIN provides you with a tool-kit inspired by these legendary genres. Combining ultra-deep sampled sounds with world-class effects, RESIN allows you to immediately create music, or sculpt the perfect instrument sound.  You can chain any combination of distortion, chorus, flanger, delay and reverb or manipulate various LFO parameters in real time via your mod wheel. There are an infinite number of possibilities at your fingertips, ready for immediate use in your current tracks or as an inspiration for future hits.

Resin comes equipped with 76 melodic patches including the trademark sound that can only come from a needle applied to vinyl. There’s also a robust drum kit to suit your beatmaking needs.  Give them all a whirl as part of a risk-free 30-day trial, or as a Roland Cloud premium member.  Not finding the beats you crave in RESIN?  Don’t forget that a Roland Cloud membership means instant access to the legendary TR-808 and TR-909 Software Rythm Composers and the ability mix and match any genre based FLAVR instrument with any Roland Cloud instrument.

New Effects

This latest release also sees a huge update to the Roland Cloud Concerto player!  RESIN is the first of many to showcase all new effects functionality, giving you even more control and ability to express yourself. In RESIN you can enable, chain, and order Reverb, Flanger, Delay, Chorus and Distortion. Here’s what’s included:

  • Stereo Delay with tempo sync, wet/dry adjustment, feedback adjustment
  • Flanger with adjustable depth, rate, feedback, stereo spread, tempo sync and wet/dry mix
  • Stereo Chorus with adjustable depth, rate, feedback, stereo spread, and wet/dry mix
  • Distortion with adjustable overdrive, turbo, wet/dry mix as well as several selectable IR models
  • Reverb that allows you to toggle between classic or convolution reverb models

Both updates are now available as a free download for existing users. A trial subscription of 30 days is available for free on the Roland Cloud website.

More information here: Roland Cloud

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