Channel Robot Shapiro 2, New Shape Shifting Plugin With 8 Oscillators

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Shapiro 2 is the latest release from Channel Robot and is an 8-voice Synthesizer plugin (PC/Mac) that offers a wide range of sound shaping functionalities. 

Channel Robot, a young music software company has today introduced Shapiro 2, a new eight oscillator synth plugin with an interesting concept. According to the developer, it offers a different approach to sound generation using oscillators in matched pairs, allowing you to modulate the output in a range of different ways.

Each oscillator block features an FM shaper that shapes the timbral output with a sine wave, a field processor that uses responses in a convolution engine,  a classic waveshaper, a multi-mode filter.

Channel Robot Shapiro 2


If you have set all 4 voices with 2 oscillators each, these are then routed through a comprehensive effects section that includes an EQ, saturation, chorus, phaser, compressor, delay, reverb & limiter. Further into a legato system derived from Channel Robot’s work on orchestral ROMplers. For more advanced sounds, Shapiro 2 includes a good amount of versatile modulators: envelopes, user-drawn LFOs, variable-step and temp gates, sample & hold, keyboard, and velocity.

The plugin also comes with a per-voice arpeggiator so basically 4 arps that allow you to build deep and unique melodic content. Shapiro 2 has extensive CC control management and is MPE enabled. It includes per-voice pitch-bend and per-voice keyboard splits. Last but not least, it has a clever randomization and morphing system that allows you to randomize any number of voices, morph between two different slots… These extra bits are great for adventurous sound design and quick new ideas. .

Channel Robot Shapiro 2 is available now for an introductory price of $50 USD instead of $75 USD. It’s compatible as a VST2, AU plugin and standalone version for Windows and macOS.

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