Syntaxis Micromodular (µModular), An Analog Modular Synthesizer On A Breadboard

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Syntaxis gives you micromodules in your hand which you can build an analog modular Synthesizer (Micromodular) on a simple breadboard 

Modular is available in many variants: in hardware as Eurorack, 5U system, mini modular (Kastle, volca modular…) … or in software such as VCV Rack, Softube, Voltage Modular… However, there are also modular synthesizer concepts that are very indie and may never become that popular. Absolutely not bad, such ideas are often very different but interesting compared to Eurorack.

The Micromodular aka µModular is a complete modular analog Synthesizer on a breadboard. It is based on tiny, individual components (VCO, VCF…) that can be plugged in the breadboard. It reminds me of a lot of the OMSYNTH from Bastl Instruments, which relies on the same breadboard concept. Both don’t look super sexy or professional, but if the sound fits, then you can see over it. The first demos sounds to be nice.

Syntaxis micromodular

Syntaxis Micromodular (µModular)

The developer is currently offering a Micromodular startet set that contains various components. The set features the PSU (μPSU·112·A) that makes it possible to power your set. Attention, the required laptop charger is not included in this set. On the synthesis side, it comes with a single 3340 based VCO (μVCO·3340·A) with different waveshapes (triangle, saw, pulse (switch)) PWM, linear FM, sync & more. Further, you have a 24dB per octave lowpass filter micromodule (μVCF·3320·LP4·A) that is based on the AS3320 integrated circuit.

At the end of the signal chain, there is, of course, a voltage-controlled amplifier (μVCA·3360·LIN·A) based on the AS3360 integrated circuit, configured for linear response. Good, the module has DC-coupled inputs so you can also use it as an attenuator or mix for slow modulation signals. Up to 4 signal sources
(either audio or CV) maybe connected to the unit. The starter set is not only packed with sound modules but also with classic modulators. The μADSR·3310·A is an envelope generator that provides the functionality of the AS3310 integrated circuit that generates an RC shaped ADSR type envelope. Last but not least, you have an LFO (μLFO·3340·A) that also has a 3340 chip in the core. Four waveforms are available and allows you to modulate the pulse-width, VCO pitch, VCF cutoff, or VCA gain.

Syntaxis Micromodular Starter Set

Micromodules Only

However, if one is interested in the Syntaxis Micromodular now, you need to know that the starter set only includes the micromodules, nothing else. In addition to this, you need breadboards, wires, potentiometers, switches, and a power supply (laptop charger…). However, it is not a bad idea that the developer does not include these, so you are not limited to a certain configuration. You can assemble your dream micro modular system with the number of knobs you need, modules, etc.

In the video below, you can hear the sound quality of this interesting Polish modular Synthesizer. It sounds nice to me at first glance.

The Syntaxis µModular basis system is available for 810 Zloty (+/- 183,84€). Individual modules cost between 80 and 160 Zloty (18 – 36,30€) and 325 Zloty (73,76€) for the power supply.

More information here: Syntaxis

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  1. Hi!
    These look great and I was wondering if any could be powered from 9v battery power? I have a portable rack that all the modules are 9v or passive and i was curious if any of your products could fit my designs. I’m not super technical but have a good knowledge of circuit bending and eurorack kit building. I would guess it wouldn’t work or it could damage the circuit. Let me know if you have anything that would work for me if you have the time. Thank You and best wishes on your design endeavors. _brian

  2. Hi
    Al modules runs on +-12V. It’s required to power up all integrated circuits. Fortunately there is power supply included, you just need some laptop power supply. If you would like to run your own modules with Syntaxis micromodules you have to use for example 7809 regulator. But I’m not sure if 12v will give enough headroom for regulator

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