Sequential Pro 3 Hybrid Synth Now Supports User-Created Wavetables, Thanks Dave

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Sequential expands the sound palette of its latest analog-digital Pro 3 Synthesizer with user-created wavetables support for the digital oscillator & more. 

At NAMM 2020, Sequential showed the Pro 3, a Synthesizer that merges modern analog and digital technologies in a beautiful way. Pro 3 has been on the market for a few months and is loved by many mainly because it is a slightly different synth. Two rich analog and one crisp digital wavetable oscillator, three legendary analog filter types to choose from (Oberheim, Moog, Sequential) as well as other modern creative features (sequencer with automation…).

In my interview with Dave Smith I asked if it would be possible to use own wavetables in the future. This would massively expand the sonic possibilities. During NAMM, Dave was still unsure about this. He now seems to have changed his mind because this feature has been added to the Pro 3 with firmware  Pro 3 now supports custom wavetables that can be easily created with a new web-based app “Wavetable Generator” that allows users to convert up to 16 single-cycle waves into a Pro 3 compatible wavetable. Users can load the into any of the 32 user wavetable slots.

Sequential Pro 3 wavetables

In addition to these great new oscillator feature, Pro 3 has received some other new functions. For example, the built-in sequencer has been expanded with a new enhanced step edition or also with a erase track command. Plus, it now can be used as a MIDI sequencer because it provides MIDI note and CC output to USB as track destinations in firmware

New Features In OS

  • You can now import up to 32 custom wavetables of your own creation.
  • New sequencer functions
    • an enhanced step editing mode that allows you to audition each step as you make parameter changes.
    • “Erase Track” command that allows you to erase all data from a specific parameter track, or all note and parameter data from all tracks in a sequence.
    • provides MIDI Note and CC Output to USB as track destinations
  • The Pro 3 now provides duophonic operation. (Oscillator 3 functions as an LFO in this mode.)
  • The Global menu now features a new “MIDI Arp/Seq Notes” parameter that allows you to send MIDI note data from the arpeggiator and/or sequencer Track 1 (notes) to the Pro 3’s MIDI output.
  • Stereo Delay effect now automatically ping-pongs between the right and left channels if modulation is applied to Panning.
  • In Playlist mode, front panel controls now remain active and can be edited.
  • MIDI Clock terminology has been changed from “master/slave” to “out/in.

Sequential Pro 3 firmware & wavetables creation tool is a free download for exiting users. Pro 3 is available now for 1595€ (standard version) and 2199€ (special edition).

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