Behringer Shares A Small Update On The UB-Xa Development & New Sound Demo

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The Behringer UB-Xa Synthesizer (Oberheim OB-Xa clone)  is still not available, but there is now news about development status and a new sound demo

In the past weeks/months, the Behringer UB-Xa topic (clone of the Oberheim OB-Xa poly analog synthesizer) became quiet again. It can be quieter about a product if it is stopped or if the team is busy finishing the final product. In this case, it is the second one. After many inquiries, Patrick von Behringer today gave an update on the development of the UB-Xa.

According to a new Behringer video, the Manchester team is working on the final firmware. One of the latest milestones in the development is a new double-mode with which two sounds can be played independently. Also, they develop on the best-known modulation matrix.

Behringer UB-Xa Sound Demo

Finally, Patrick from Behringer reveals that they are designing already the first factory patches. There is a nice UB-Xa sound demo with poly patches in the video below.

Behringer, on the other hand, is silent about any availability of the UB-Xa and the possibility to pre-order it. The same applies to the price, no information so far. So stay tuned for more information in future.

More information will follow: Behringer

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