Sequential & Roger Linn Tempest Analog Drum Machine Is Retiring

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Tempest, the analog drum machine from the two legendary developers Dave Smith (Sequential) and Roger Linn (LinnDrum …) is discontinued after 9 years on the market.

Sad news arrives from Dave Smith aka Sequential. Tempest, an analog drum machine developed by Dave Smith and Roger Linn (Linn LM-1 drum computer, Linnstrument …) is officially discontinued. The instrument was introduced almost 9 years ago and is still one of the most powerful analog drum machines on the market

Ttwo analog oscillators, two digital oscillators including sample playback, two filters (classic Curtis analog lowpass filter per voice, analog highpass filter per voice, five envelope generators, 2 LFOs, mod matrix, 16 pressure-sensitive lit pads, sophisticated real-time sequencer & more. Somewhat a shame this decision, especially when you know that there are not so many analog drum machines on the market that are unique in the design & feature set.

Sequential Tempest

Not to be forgotten is the petition that was launched in 2016 to convince Dave Smith to provide Tempest with new features but also to fix bugs. In 2017 there was the last firmware update for the Tempest which fixed some bugs. Much of what the community wanted was not implemented, unfortunately. Since it is now being discontinued, it can be assumed that there will be no more future updates. It’s a shame.

One can now speculate whether Dave Smith will develop a Tempest 2. It would be nice but the probability is very low, in my opinion.

Official Statement

After nearly 9 years, Sequential’s 6-voice analog drum synth, Tempest, is retiring. Co-developed by Dave Smith and noted instrument designer Roger Linn, Tempest has been embraced by musicians from a wide range of genres for both live performance and studio recording.

Dave Smith had this to say: “Our users have put Tempest to a lot of really creative uses over the years. but a time comes when every good instrument deserves its place in the great electronic retirement community in the sky. On the bright side, we’re as busy as ever designing new products, and we’ll be telling you about some of these in the next couple of months. So stay tuned!”

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