FJÆRLETT, New Boutique Instrument Designed For Versatile Audio Feedbacks

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With FJÆRLETT, Tilde Elektriske Kretser has built an instrument with which you can craft versatile audio feedback in no time at all

The music instrument market has big players like Yamaha, Korg, Roland…, etc. who regularly supply the market with new products. Most of the time, the companies take fewer risks and bring instruments/effects out for the mainstream. For the other product, there are smaller companies or even so-called boutique manufacturers that developed products that may not sell as many, however, enrich the market very much because of their uniqueness.

One of these boutique developers is Tilde Elektriske Kretser from Norway. He has today released FJÆRLETT, a new audio feedback instrument or feedback synth that allows you to create feedback through reverb springs and shape that feedback signal with a graphic EQ. An instrument that would never come from one of the big players, pretty sure.


FJÆRLETT contains amplification and recovery circuits that can create audio feedback through the reverb springs. The graphic equalizer is placed in the feedback loop and enables you to choose which frequencies are fed back through the springs. The output signal is not affected by the eq.

Audio feedback sounds are the speciality of this instrument, which is nothing brand-new from this point of view. But thanks to the built-in EQ, the signal can be shaped nicely as you want it, making it significantly more flexible than simple feedback sounds. It’s like a synth where the feedback is the oscillator and the EQ the filter section. Great tool for creating massive drones, noises or special effects.

Tilde Elektriske Kretser FJÆRLETT is available now for $250 USD + free worldwide shipping. Two units will be available in July for purchase and the full production starts in mid-August.

More information here: TEK

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