iZotope Exponential Audio PhoenixVerb Stereo, Algorithmic Reverb Plugin Is On Sale For Just $9.99

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Save 90% OFF on the iZotope Exponential Audio PhoenixVerb Stereo, a high-quality algorithmic reverb plugin for PC/Mac plus upgrade to R2 for just $29.99

There have been fewer plugin deals on this site recently. The reason is simple: a lot is posted on Plugin.Deals, the official sister site of SYNTH ANATOMY. If you follow the second website, that would be awesome. However, there are deals that are also posted here.

iZotope has launched a massive 90% OFF sale on the Exponential Audio PhoenixVerb Stereo algorithmic reverb plugin that is designed to generate authentic reflections according to the developer. Further, it comes with over 900 presets including rooms, plates, halls, chambers, and more. The multi-effect processor Excalibur is still on sale for $9.99. How long this offer is still available is unknown. The PhoenixVerb sale runs until 5th June. Plus, you get for free the ERA 4 Voice Lever from Accusonus.

Exponential Audio PhoenixVerb Stereo

PhoenixVerb’s neutral spatial reflections fit any music production. Create a reflective hall for your piano, a large, resonant chamber for your vocals, a tasteful plate for your percussion.

A sophisticated and powerful user interface perfectly complements the high-quality reverb algorithm itself. With just the right balance of control and intuitiveness, you’ll have no trouble dialling in the exact tone your tracks demand.


  • Realistic stereo reverb algorithm
  • Dimension- and frequency-shaping controls for each stage of the reverb signal
  • Global high- and low-pass filters
  • Independent output controls for attack, early reflections, and tail
  • Clear, informative frequency display and responsive UI
  • Over 900 presets (rooms, plates, halls, chambers, and more)
  • EuControl support

iZotope Exponential Audio PhoenixVerb Stereo is available now for $9.99 USD until June 5, 2020. An upgrade to R2 Stereo is available for $29.95 (80% OFF) which is another more powerful reverb processor.

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