XOR Electronics Intros New NerdSEQ Firmware, Expanders (CV16, Video…) & Modules For SB20HE

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For Superbooth 20 Home Edition, XOR Electronics showed a new nerdy firmware (v1.2.1a) for the NerdSEQ, new expanders (CV16, Video…), and new upcoming standalone Eurorack modules.

The highlight is the CV16 expander that adds 16 CV outputs to the NerdSEQ. With this, you can control several oscillators at the same time and thus play in polyphony. In addition to classical notes, the module can also send out LFOs and envelopes. The module is not standalone but only useable in connection with the nerdy sequencer

Other new expanders are the I2C that brings the I2C connection bus to the module, a 6 CV to trigger, a new oscillator, Freestylo, and a new video expander. A nerdy release Many new nerdy modules at first look.

XOR Electronics NerdSEQ

The Nerdseq is a tracker based cv and trigger sequencer module (32HP) for Eurorack systems. It consists of 6 tracks for the CV/Trigger/MOD generation of 18 outputs. 4 User assignable inputs, clock and reset in/outputs, and 2 x 2 sample tracks for sample sequencing. The tracker sequencer allows straightforward and fast editing and has great live playing abilities.

CV16 Expander

It has a width of 8HP and adds 16 additional CV outputs to the NerdSEQ that can be used very versatile. As classic pitch/note CV out or thanks to the -5/+5V support also as a modulator. It can be 8 ASR (attack – sustain – release) envelopes with settings for each envelope or 8 LFOs with different waveforms: sinus, triangle, sawtooth, ramp, noise, and random (randomly mixing through the waveforms). The modulators can be manipulated in their stage and attributes from each sequencer step. The CV16 expander enhances the NerdSEQ with Polyphonic sequencing and recording within one or multiple tracks.

I2C Expander & 6 CV To Trigger

The I2C is a very niche expander that may not be relevant to many. I2C is a serial protocol that allows you to connect two interfaces together. For example, it works perfectly with the Orthogonal Devices ER-301 Sound Computer/sampler. With this, you can internally route the trigger outs to the sampler without wiring patch cables. Pretty handy expansion if you use both Eurorack modules.

The 6CV To Trigger is a smaller version of the CV16 module with only 6 CV outputs and 2 gate outputs but with the same functionalities (LFOs, envelopes…). It’s mainly designed to play with two voice polyphonic sounds.

Video Expander, Dual Chord Oscillator & Freestylo

With the new video expander, he makes it possible to display the NerdSEQ Sequencer’s screen on a larger screen. With the HDMI output, you can connect the signal to a projector, computer display or television. This can be useful for concerts or for live stream performances. Further, it shows DualChord, a new digital oscillator module that features 8 oscillators. The module has so few parameters that you have to describe it as a one-trick pony for polyphonic sounds. Last but not least, he also introduced Freestylo, a module that he actually sends to his customers as a Christmas gift last year. It’s a cute-looking little Eurorack keyboard that can be used with a patch cable as “stylus”. Yeah, super nerdy

So that everything works well, there is also firmware (v1.21A) with which some new functions are added. You can find a complete overview of the NerdSEQ and the new expanders/ modules in my Superbooth 20 Home Edition video.

XOR Electronics CV16 expander is available now for 139€ (excl. VAT). Other modules will be available later this year.

More information here: XOR 

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