Nunomo Intros Qun Pocket, Analog Modelling & 4OP FM Synthesizer With Looper

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Qun Pocket is a small, compact, almost modular, virtual analog Synthesizer with a built-in sequencer & looper developed by Nunomo, a guitar pedal developer.

Nunomo, actually known as a guitar pedal manufacturer, today introduced its first mini Synthesizer. Qun Pocket is small, red, and has a PCB-only design. It is based on the ESP32 Lyrat development board that features an advanced analog modelling synth engine. Two VCOs a multi-mode “organic sounding” filter with 2 or 4 poles (lowpass, bandpass, highpass, notch) + key sync, four envelope generators, and frequency modulation (FM).

The signal routing is very flexible, close to modular synthesizer experience. You can route signals as normal, or totally radical. So you can configure the synth engine also as a four operator FM synth. Further, it has an LFO where the rate can be controlled by MIDI notes. In the final stage, you can mix the sound with one effect either delay, chorus, or flanger.

Qun Pocket

Player / Sequencer

Qun Pocket can be played in mono or in a duo mode. Plus, it comes with a random mind inspiring 8 step sequencer that generates beats for you: note on/off/double/triple, transpose, note length, randomness control, scale quantize, and arpeggiator steps.

The synth has an audio looper (play/rec/overdub) onboard that is synced to the sequencer and can record up to 30 seconds. With this, you can record different sounds of the synth, one after the other in overdubbing. This allows you to create complex loops.

Qun Pocket


Qun Synthesizer is mono but real polyphony can be achieved by stacking up several boards on top of each other. In this case, you can control them together from the mainboard. Not information about the maximum number of boards or polyphony. An editor is available with which you can edit the synth more easily.

Further, it offers a CV input where you can connect a touch strip and then use it to control any parameters. An additional AUX input allows you to route external audio or CV into it.

Nunomo Qun Pocket Synthesizer is available now for $85 USD.

More information here: Nunomo

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