Massive X V1.3: Big Noise Update, Interface Improvements & Bug Fixes

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Native Instruments extends Massive X in V1.3 for the third time with new features (custom noise samples …), improves the interface and fix bugs

Massive X started in version 1.0 last year with a lot of criticism. This was absolutely understandable, a lot was missing and it looked like an unfinished aka alpha version. The Native Instruments team responded to this criticism with some good updates in the past. Today another update has been released, which again contains some new features as well as improvements. Unfortunately, there is still no wavetable import, but there is a clearly inflated noise oscillator section.

In Massive X V1.3, you can now import your own samples (field recordings…) into the noise module that opens new sound design possibilities. In a new noise one-shot mode & keytracking mode, you can adjust them according your taste. If you don’t have own unique samples, you can use the 50 new noise tables (25 loops, and 25 one-shots) that are included in the new version. Further, it comes with new parameter readouts, 20 new presets, and bug fixes (Logic Pro X 10.5…) Nice to see that Massive X is further improved.

New In Massive X v1.3

  • Added: Parameter Readouts: Values are now shown below/above the parameters, including macro parameters.
  • Added: Custom Noise Samples: External samples in various file formats and sample rates can now be loaded into the Noise section.
  • Added: Embedded Noise Samples: Custom noise sample/-s that are saved with the preset are embedded into the preset file.
  • Added: Noise One Shot mode: In one shot mode noise samples are only played once. One shot mode can be accessed through the Voice section in the Noise generator drop-down menu.
  • Added: Noise Keytracking mode: Added: an option to the Noise section to enable keytracking for sample playback.
  • Added: 50 new Noise Samples (25 Loops and 25 One Shots).
  • Fixed: Massive X crashed on instantiating in Logic Pro X 10.5.
  • Fixed: Some 3rd party Massive Presets were instantiating Massive X.
  • Fixed: Massive X was indicating some presets as modified (with asterisk) when no changes were made.
  • Fixed: Colors of Noise & Wavetables headers in the menus in Dark Mode.
  • Known issue: FL Studio 20.5 VST: when loading a preset the interface will shrink. Fix: update to FL Studio 20.6 or higher.
  • Known issue: Cubase and Studio One: text input does not work correctly when Massive X is hosted in Komplete Kontrol or Maschine KPI view.
  • Known issue: When dropping a preset on to the Massive X GUI, the preset will load in all instances of the plugin.

Native Instruments Massive X V1.3 is available now as a free update for existing users from Native Access.

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