Behringer Plans To Change DJ / Music Production Market & Teases Jam Groovebox Sampler

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Behringer plans to turn the DJ and music production market upside down and teasers the JAM Groovebox/sampler at the same time

Everyone who deals with synthesizers has noticed that Behringer is currently very much stirring up the market. Regardless o whether it is a desktop Synthesizer or Eurorack, they are currently everywhere and with a big success. No wonder many products are significantly below the price of other manufacturers. This also polarises the market, many love these new affordable products, others hate them.

Behringer now plans to do the same with the DJ and music production area. Today they have opened a new FB group, in which they invite musicians to participate in new products, to express wishes, etc.

Behringer Jam

Behringer JAM

At the same time, they are also showing a product called Jam, which looks like a pad-based groove box with an integrated sampler or a Behringer MPC. You can see labels such as sampler, sample edit,  step SEQ, erase, tap tempo, note repeat, etc. Much of what you would expect from the MPC-style groove box or sampler.

It is not known whether this will really be a product or ist just a mockup to attract people to the group. We can be curious about how it will go on

Official Facebook Statement

Welcome to our new DJ and Production Behringer FB Tribe

Together, we love turning the DJ and Production world upside down and we want you to be part of this exciting journey. We want to collaborate and co-innovate with you. Our success solely depends on delivering inspiring products that empower you to make and share your amazing music. In our new Tribe, you’ll find all our product designers and engineers so we can co-design products with you, introduce new products and also give away free products.

Please share all your ideas – no matter how crazy they may be. We fundamentally believe in giving everyone a voice – without any fear, trolls or distractions. Many of our most successful products have been designed by you and we’re extremely grateful for all the valuable input you have given us over the past 30 years. Thank you for all your amazing support, trust, and collaboration. You guys are the reason why we exist and why we do what we do:-)

Your DJ and Production Behringer Music Tribe

More information here: Behringer

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