4Pockets EvolverFX, New iOS App Inspired By Wave Sequencing Synthesizers

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4Pockets EvolverFX is an instrument app for iOS based on wave-sequencing ( Korg Wavestate…) with which it is possible to create multi-layered evolving sequences.

The basic concept of the EvolverFX AUv3 app is strongly reminiscent of old wave-sequencing Synthesizer what is not a bad thing. It offers 4 sequencer lanes that create automatic accompaniment from notes and chords as you play on your MIDI keyboard. Like the hardware, you can also use here different samples per sequence that seamlessly merge into one another to create very sophisticated sounds.ds.

Evolver can load either multi-layer patches from the Chameleon app or one-shot samples that can be looped or be free-running with customizable start/end and loop points using the editor. If you already have Chamelon sampler, the workflow is simpler because you can layer these patches very quickly on the 4 sequencer lanes, split/assign them to key zones, transpose…

4Pockets EvolverFX

Third Sound Source

Besides the sample-based sound source, it also has a third one that is based on classic synthesis. Here you can play with harmonics and create anything from traditional sine, square, triangle, saw waves to complex detuned oscillators.These can be used in conjunction with multi-samples or one-shot-samples within the same sequencer lane

Each sequencer lane can be up to 64 steps in length, each step has independent timing, pitch, volume, gate, probability, sample source etc. so the scope of what is achievable is vast. Each sequencer lane has its own ADSR, VCF, and LFO which operates on all sounds within its lane, as well as being able to change the underlying settings for each sound source.  Evolver also includes an ARP function that can be run in one of the default modes or you can define your own fingering patterns to be used to enhance your playing style.

Plus, you can morph through the different lanes (ABCD) with a Wavestation style joystick. Looks like 4Pockets has converted its big love for wave sequencing Synthesizers aka Korg Wavestation… into a new AUv3 app for iOS.


  • 4 sequencer lanes
  • Up to 64 notes per sequence
  • Each note can be fixed or transposed
  • Timing and note probability
  • 3 different sound source types (multi-sample, one-shot samples and harmonic)
  • Add your own loops to a sequence
  • Built-in ARP function
  • Import your own samples and mutli-sample patches.
  • Chameleon Support
  • 5 different effect types (reverb, delay, phaser, flanger, and chorus)
  • 8 band EQ
  • Latch Feature to hold chords/notes
  • Create independent key zones with transposition and MIDI channels
  • Parameter Automation from your DAW
  • Control mixing and sequencer enable buttons using MIDI
  • Built-in Sampler
  • Multiple Import options (including an experimental SFZ format)
  • iTunes and Files App importing of samples into the audio pool
  • Files App Drag & Drop Support
  • Comprehensive Help pages included

4Pockets EvolverFX is available now for $9.99 USD on the Apple App Store.

More information here: 4P Ev

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