2getheraudio Intros 3 New Oscillator Packs For Korg Synthesizers

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2getheraudio has joined the Korg -logue Synthesizer plugins club and introduced three new oscillator packs for the minilogue XD, NTS-1, prologue 8 & 16

No wonder that 2getheraudio now also makes Korg plugins. It is an attractive platform without fees on which software developers can also implement their algorithms in hardware. The success of this technology is real. Almost every day, new add-ons come onto the market and synthesizers like the minilogue XD and NTS-1 are sold out for weeks in Europe.

2getheraudio, actually known for its “pay what you want but a minimum of $10” business model, recently released three new oscillator packs. One with wavetables, a with virtual analog synthesis and another with supersaws.

2getheraudio oscillator packs


2getheraudio has launched not one but three oscillators for Korg synthesizers. Wavesweep is a versatile wavetable oscillator that allows you to reshape, loop and manipulate more than 90 wavetables in any order with hands-on control.

The second is called Tarabbia and is an oscillator type that is more for classic virtual analog synth sounds. It comes from the popular Cheeze Machine soft synths and is great for super thick, lush sounds without using up your polyphony. Perfect for fat mono basses or leads or big stacked chords.

Supersaw oscillator is based on seven carefully tuned sawtooth waveforms and a morphing filter that result in some serious sonic edge. According to the developer, this oscillator is fantastic for leads and basses, but throw a modulating filter on top and any sound you can imagine is possible. That’s an announcement if that’s true, only we (media) or the buyers can check this.

Here is a demo of the Wavesweep Oscillator.

2getheraudio Oscillator Packs are available now as “choose your price” downloads with a minimum of $10 USD (each pack).

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